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  1. The "Assets" starter file has a nice big container to use for testing. I changed its settings to Interactive: then right-clicked to Insert PDF. Can you do the same and test on your workstation? Perhaps this discussion is relevant to your setup? https://community.filemaker.com/message/779329?commentID=779329#comment-779329
  2. Amy, I typically have a User's table, and on Startup, find by User::AccountName and grab the CurrentUserId. Then, my RLA would use a calc, ie, ValueCount ( Filtervalues ( Table::ListofAllowedUserIds ; CurrentUserId) ) > 0. How you populate the field that holds the ListOfAllowedUserIds is up to you.
  3. Boy, this should be simpler. Is this relevant? https://www.portagebay.com/blog/2016/8/26/containers-and-port-16000-in-filemaker
  4. https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/change-containers-from-files-to-interactive-content-in-an-instant/
  5. Rich. Super container and external storage are mutually exclusive.
  6. bcooney

    Using Layout not available

    So, a customer can have many Aircraft? If Customer>Customer_AirCraft<Aircraft Spec is true, then you should have two foreign keys in Customer_Aircraft: the CustomerId and the AircraftId. What is the primary key in the Aircraft_Spec table? That should be what relates from Aircraft_Spec>Customer_AirCraft.
  7. bcooney

    Way to not count negatives?

    You could create a calc field, premiumIsPositive=premium>O. Then count that field. Or, do an ESQ call. Or, do a Find.
  8. bcooney

    ScriptMaker Greyedout

    ScriptMaker?? What version of FileMaker is this? Edit: FM7? on what OS?
  9. bcooney

    Speed and summary calculations

    I'd consider a summary table Summary tables
  10. bcooney

    Using Layout not available

    Never use this type of value as a relationship key! Let's see your new relationship graph after you refactor the relationships. Also, why do you name the Aircraft table Customer_Aircraft? I find that confusing. It sounds like a join table, storing data about the many aircraft a customer owns and attributes of that ownership. I'd change that table to simply, Aircraft. Please study up on Anchor-Buoy!
  11. Are you aware of how to use the Find command? Scripting buttons to go to specific records isn't often needed. Use Find.
  12. bcooney

    External Data Source Change

    You have only one chance to set a $$externaldatasource. It cannot be changed once it is established. Why do you have several data files? Couldn't you use a date field to count records within a range?
  13. bcooney

    Using Layout not available

    You should not use registration as a key if it's a value that you have no control over and if it is not unique. I see many relationships in your system that are questionable: You're relating Kit>KitItems by Description! Should be by KitId ATAChapter? Is that a field you control? You didn't answer where Registration is created. By your system? What is it? (auto-enter serial?). Why do you have a PrimaryKey field if you don't use it for relationships? Also, before you go much further, I would strongly suggest adopting a convention for the Relationship Graph. I prefer Anchor-Buoy, but you need to do something. This will not scale well.
  14. bcooney

    Using Layout not available

    Agreed, you shoukd select balance sheet. What I don't follow is the keys you're using to relate your tables. I would have expected customer to relate to aircraft by customer Id. What is the value in registration and why is it a key?

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