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  1. Solved with the MBS FileMaker Plugin. Thanks.
  2. filemaker sends mail with the program FM18. does not send mail with runtime. gives an SSL error.
  3. App Maker 1.0.4.fmp12 not work on ios10.3.3 Mail attachement abc.mobileconfig . Double click Open with? Not install.
  4. Thank you very much @comment ; @irfah
  5. Billing records show reporting TOTAL TRANSFERRED I could not adjust. There are 3 pages report Page 1: To write something on the top, bottom (let's say a total of 30 records) $3520 Page 2: Above $3520; bottom (let's say a total of 60 records) $6920 Page 3: Above $6920; bottom (let's say a total of 78 records) $8310 What should be done this way in order to get the report? Is there a sample file? Waiting for help, thank you. in Report a Product Issue • Share • Reply • Like Show 0 Likes(0)
  6. Complete this program you are looking for. its free You can find in itunes. GoWrap http://apps.gowrap.net/Web_GoWrap_Free/EN_GoWrap_free_edition_0.php Very easy to install. it works perfectly
  7. Hi all; I made a 1 Mb filemaker abc.fmp12 file which I want to sell. User may download filemaker GO 12 from AppStore. I send the file to user by email. But it should work on only 1 IPAD (in windows it was possible with HDD serial number look plugin). Any ideas ? how to make my software copy protected ? Do FileMaker can look iPads Serial Number? Best Regards
  8. a FM 12 ADV oriented setup.exe file must be run under administrator privileges each time in windows7. Otherwise in first attempt to setup, PC says "unauthorized user". in XP no problem. What I have to do ?
  9. is it possible to do in iphone or ipad that if iPad portrait; go to layoutA (vertical) and if iPad landscape; go to layoutB (horizantal) ? how it could be done ? FM Go to detect it?
  10. To call a number, The gap between the numbers will not be. for example. phone field: 0 (212) 212 24 36 Dial phone ( No Dialog; Adress::Phone) will not work. ------------------------------ phone field: 0 (212) 212 24 36 Create a new field... Tr_Phone field: Left ( Substitute ( phone; " "; ""); 11) result: 02122122436 Dial phone ( No Dialog; Adress::Tr_Phone) excellent results. :P
  11. Hello, I tried a lot probably did not do! this site, web services may be set to off process did you? Please rush answer. :
  12. I'm using File Maker 8.5 Adv. I've created "a web viewer field" my file. The user name and password to register with the site by filling out this information automatically to the page I want to make a direct entry. Use of the site address : http://emek.emekli.gov.tr/optik/login.jsp I want to take 3 actions on this page 1. Contact Management::optikSicil --> optikSicil 2. Contact Management::optikSifre --> optikSifre 3. to push the button --> kaydet Where do bugs : "http:// emek.emekli.gov.tr/optik/login.jsp?" & /* optikSicil=*/ Contact Management::optikSicil & "," & /* optikSifre=*/ Contact Management::optikSifre / "" I expect you to help. Best regards Optisyen
  13. I'm using File maker server 9 adv. Admin console / General settings / E-mail notifications / SMTP information. SMTP settings are invalid. Error is given. Here you enter the correct address, password settings, although I can not do. Where I would make mistakes. Please help. Thank you.
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