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  1. I have a 2nd Mac here. I installed FMP on that and everything worked perfectly. Perhaps other machine install is corrupted...
  2. I just made a brand new test db and also did a reboot, but neither helped.
  3. I have Filemaker Advanced 11.0v2 running on Snow Leopard. I am logged in with Admin privileged. When I go to build the runtime, during the process the error message appears "This file is locked or is in use". Some files are created, but the runtime solution doesn't work. Any ideas? Thanks, Ed
  4. I have seen this error when the user attempts to run the solution from inside a zip file. Extracting the files from the zip archive and running the app from a normal folder solved the problem.
  5. Thanks to everyonefor your advice - I will follow that route.
  6. I guess you are saying that this will not work out of the box and I need to code in CDML to make this work properly (I guess I just wasted $100 to upgrade to version 6). Should I not bother to call Filemaker to try to make this work with IWP? What is the best web resource to learn CDML?
  7. I have configured FMP 6 to run on the web. Everything is fine except the "new" row in the portal is not accepting entry properly. The choices in the dropdowns can be selected as expected, but the fields in the new row that are supposed to accept free form text are not accepting entry. Any idea how to fix? I searched the forum history without finding a solution... p.s. Upgrading from 5 to 6 made the existing portal rows appear properly on the web. With, V5 I had to submit a change to the record before the existing portal data would appear at all.
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