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    Plug-in Autoupdate

    Can't seem to get this working. In the server (8.0v4) auto update folder I have added zippscript which I know isn't on any of the clients. Also on the client tab on the server console I have the auto update selected. On the client machine I tested using 8.5v1 Advanced I connected to one of the databases hosted (with Auto update plugin ticked) and was hoping for it to look on the server and see that there was a new plug-in and download it but nothing? Is there something else I need to do? Some help would be most excellent! Thanks
  2. I noticed that PHP beta is out now - but I was wondering if the instant web publishing is going to start to be killed off in Server 9 Advanced. As far as I am concerned the web element is becoming more and more important and so this should definitely be something they invest their time in. I don't really want to get involved in php and have to first design the database it self and then design the php that would run off this on the web - mainly the whole idea of effectively Server 9 Advanced turning in to almost MySql GUI free is rather upsetting. Does anyone know if PHP is filemaker focus or whether the IWP is still got a good strong lifeline? Second point - 100 user limit - this is limited does anyone know if this is going to be stepped up any time soon - I think I would be happy with 1000 - 5000 at least. Thanks
  3. simoncpage

    IWP Newbie...help?

    1. Using server 7 advance to host files but how to I make it so that the address http://ipaddress/fmi/iwp can be https? on port 443? 2. When I use filemaker 8 pro advance to host the file when I use the current window naming it changes the name of the window. When I open the same file from the 7 ad server it simply says Filemaker Instant Web Publishing - NOT what I want to show. 3. Is there a way to log out and kill the window without having to go back to the Filemaker Instant Web home page OR 4. Is there a guide or somewhere I can look for info on how to customise the homepage? I am happy with all other aspects of the IWP and I don't really want to have to get involved with PHP etc..unless there is a nice and easy GUI program that can do this? Any help on any of the above is most appreciated. Thanks Simon
  4. here is my problem. I have 2 portals 1 which has a YES criteria which shows positive things and a NO portal which shows negative things. I do not want to do a specific search on positive values but I want to search only on negative values and return the omiited...so for example if one record said this: PORTAL YES UK USA AUSTRALIA PORTAL NO FRANCE CANADA If I wanted to find values for CANADA the above wouldn't be shown since it is defined in the NO. However if I did a search for Germany the above would be returned in the search since it has not be specifically defined in the NO and so is a possible record. This is a easy search to do since I simply do a search in the NO portal for the value and then use the function to return the omitted. Sort Prob 1 ----------- However I would like to sort these returns in order of those that were defined and those that weren't defined...So searching for Germany the above example would be returned lower than a record with Germany defined in the YES portal. Constrain Prob 2 ---------------- If I do a search and get a returned set how can I do a constrained search on this as using the SHOW OMITTED will show values that weren't in first search. For example Record 1 Record 2 Record 3 Record 4 Say I have done a search and returned Record 1 Record 4 If I do a constrained search on this set and I use the show omitted it will return Record 1 and 4 which I don't want. How can I do this? Any help please?
  5. simoncpage

    Unique Values Portals

    Not sure why the Filemaker version didn't update I have selected 8 Advanced in this post. Your solution is exactly what I was looking for I found a dynamic list example from your website which worked from a script. I managed to get this working but its much slower than this solution particularly when I have a value list for location of over 350 values and on top of the location the person layout has 8 portals (YES/NO) so this will be much easier to integrate. Nice work :yourock:
  6. simoncpage

    Unique Values Portals

    I have a file with 2 tables. Person and Location. I have location related to person in 2 ways. Location Y ID field - related to - Person ID field Location N ID field - related to - Person ID field So I have 2 portals in person that is for YES AND NO. The problem is that with this setup the Location can be YES and NO. Is there a way to sort this so that either: The drop down list is dynamic so that if it is contained in LOCATION Y it can't be added to LOCATION N (or for that location Y again) Or Using a unique field Any help with this would be great thanks i have attached a rough demo to show the problem. Loc1 once it is added to the YES location should effectively disappear from the value list. I think a conditional list is best but how would I set this up? PERSON.zip
  7. simoncpage

    Multi Join Depression

    I have a multi join relationship Three tables are Asset (y/n) Fund (y/n) and then this multi join is related to a Company What I want to be able to do is this and I'm getting so confused.... See attached..I want to be able to have a main company page that shows the four types with the definite yes and no. Then I want to be able to drill in to each one of these and see all the definite global yes and no related to that. For example Global Def yes to Asset1, Fund1 Global Def No to Asset2. Fund2 Therefore the following when I go into Asset1 I should see a yes to Fund1 and a no to Fund2. On top of this I would like to be able to add specifics for Asset1 like Fund3 which isn't global but only related to Asset1. If anyone can push me in the right direction with this it would be most appreciated. Fund_Asset_Copy_1.zip
  8. simoncpage

    Windows Shortcut

    I want to create windows shortcuts to certain folders on the server. I use trio plugin to create folders but I would like to create a folder of shortcuts (I've asked Trio and its working progress). Are there any plugins I can use to do this or any other solutions that people know of which could handle this with as a fm6 or fm8 solution. Any help would be great thanks
  9. simoncpage


    I have my v6 solution basically migrated to v8 now (albeit needs a final bug test run through). My next step is to consolidate the 45 files to one. With v8 there is some nice import functions but is there either 1. A definitive guide to the consolidation approach in v8 ? 2. Something that will automate the process? Any help would be great
  10. simoncpage


    http://www.nightwing.com.au/FileMaker/Clairvoyance/ 1. Can I do the above with any other plugin? 2. What I would ideally like it to have a portal that lists close matches (which I have but needs a tab to activate which isn't as effective) activated when you type? This looks like the only option unless some bright spark out there has some ideas? Thanks
  11. simoncpage

    Window close disable

    According to new millenium menu magoc page you can disable the close widget button? How can you do this in v8? Or do you have to do it using scripts? Any one know of this???
  12. simoncpage

    Problem with Export

    I am trying to export some records with and XSL but it only seems to export it to the filemaker program directory and not the actual directory in the export. Any ideas why this is?
  13. Outlook Manipulator - from productive computing (contacted support by email saturday and I am still to hear back) So can anyone help on following? 1. can I sync to a public folder on an exchnage server 2. If I use their demo and create a list can I: a. make the list from a public folder b. make changes to the list in filemaker and sync back? If so on any of the above can someone tell me how? I have heard about a new product coming out called "outlookOps" which hopefully will be available soon and be able to do all that I want but since I have paid out for outlook manipulator it would be nice to make some use of it? Anyone seen a beta of oulookops? Thanks Simon
  14. simoncpage

    TAPI Drivers

    Does anyone have a TAPI phone system installed that has popup? I have been speaking to a company (http://www.cti-uk.com/pop.asp) and the software they have is an active x can you embed this into filmaker and use them? I suspect that you can't which is why I am searching for other solutions! Any info on this would be useful Thanks Simon
  15. simoncpage

    Bluetooth Sync

    take that as no then ?

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