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  1. Hello, I need to open existing PDF(s) that are located on a windows server from a layout. I'm able to open the files manually from the volume disk on my desktop without any issues.. I have a button with the following script: Open URL: Table1::FIELD1 Breakdown: Sample PDF name: 5554B.pdf Field1 contains path and filename: smb://SERVERNAME/pdf/5554B.pdf (calculated field: "smb://SERVERNAME/pdf/" & Table1::FIELD1 & FIELD2 & FIELD3 & ".PDF" ) Field2 contains numeric portion of PDF name. Field3 contains letter in PDF name. When I click the button, a new OS X window opens up showing the server folder with all the PDFs. Highlighting the PDF specified from FM but it does not open it up to view its contents. Thank you in advance for your help. System Info: Filemaker Pro 13 MacBook Air OS X Windows Server
  2. Spiral

    chart help

    Hi everyone, I want to add a chart to my layout. Here's my table: ID Date MondayVal, TuesdayVal, WednesdayVal, ThursdayVal, FridayVal, I want to show a bar chart as follows: 100,000| 750,000| 500,000| 250,000| 000,000| ............--------------------------------- ............MON.....TUE.....WED.....THUR.....FRI How do i setup the chart? It's base on the current record. Thank you.
  3. Hi, If I have four fm7 files and I want to end up with just 1 fm7, how do I import the accounts & privileges? I know how to import the tables, etc... My privileges go down to the fields and yes, some of my field privileges are set to view/hide on a per user basis for some accounts only. Please tell me I don't have to set it up for each field/user again? : Thank you.
  4. Thank you very much. I also didn't want to not allow spaces so I used this: [color:blue]Length (Trim(field)) = 4 Works fine. Thxs again. : :)
  5. Hello everyone, I need some help here. I need to force the user to enter "4 characters" (no more and no less) in a field. How can I setup a calculated validation for the field? Thxs :
  6. Hello, I have a MS server running FileMaker Server 8v4 with the clients using FM Pro 8. One of our db administrators wants FM Pro 9 on his PC. Will this cause any issues? I understand that if he modifies any existing FM8 db file with FileMaker 9 features there will be problems. What if he makes simple changes (i.e. add a new field to a table) will this create problems when the clients, using fm8, open the fm file? I think he should just use 8.5 until we migrate to v.9 What is the general consensus? Thank you in advance.
  7. Hello everyone, I still have some fm6 databases around and I want to convert some to version 9. I was told that I need to have fm7 to translate them to version 8.5 or 9. Is that true? I haven't tried it yet. I wanted to ask here first before I do anything.
  8. Hello, I have a "list view" layout(LayoutA) with a button. The button opens up a "form" layout(LayoutB) displaying the record the user originally selected. It work fine but the user can browse to another record. I want to constrain the record the user selected. How do I do this? I tried this: Go to Layout[layoutB] Go to field [select/perform;LayoutB::Field1] Go to Record/Request/Page [No dialog;LayoutB::Field1] but it doesn't work. Can someone please help me? Thank you
  9. Got it. This will work just fine. Thanks again. :(
  10. Hello Søren, I setup the filter in the validation by calculation, but it's not allowing me to leave the field empty. I don't have Not Empty checked. Any idea why this is occuring?
  11. Hello everyone, I have a field for zip codes. This is what I have in the calculated value: Left ( zipcode; 5) & "-" & Right ( zipcode; 4) It works fine, except for one problem. The user can add letters which I don't want. So I change the validation to strict data type: Numeric Only. The Auto-Enter Calculated Value stops working. I know calculated result must be text, but some of our users are all thumbs and WILL make mistakes. Anyone know of a work-around? Thanks.
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