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  1. JaseFace

    XML URL command error 958

    Found it: Missing & right be fore the -find at the end of the command. Duh :)
  2. JaseFace

    Extracting XML error Data from Logs

    Further info: I used wireshark to sniff the network traffic and the URL command is being erroneously transmitted. FM is returning an error 102: 'Field is missing'. the iSpring Flash App wasn't sending a URL command (and getting returned XML) it was sending an XML result to a given URL. My misunderstanding of unclearly written documentation (on iSpring's part).
  3. JaseFace

    XML URL command error 958

    Trying to get a URL command to find a record in my DB and run a simple script against it, but keep in getting a 958 'Parameter is missing' error. Here's my command: _ttp:///fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=OLEDB&-lay=TrainSession&-script=ModInc&-recid=1-find (When I preview this it looks like there's a space in "Mod Inc' - it's not like that in my command) I've tried replacing the -recid with a field name and still no dice. Script has full admin access and only increments a number field (before committing the change). I'm able to edit the record using XML URL commands, so the permissions and security don't seem to be an issue. What have I got wrong?
  4. JaseFace

    Extracting XML error Data from Logs

    I'm using iSpring Quizmaker to build a (HTML hosted SWF) quiz and send the result to FM via an XML URL command: http:///fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=&-lay=TrainSession&-recid=1&ScorefromQuiz=100&-edit. Run manually from a browser its great, DB updates fine. However when run from the SWF quiz iSpring creates, it doesn't, even though it's reported as having posted OK in the logs. The only difference is that I have a 547 reported at the end of the log line rather than a 7704 (when it is successful). :0 - -"/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=OLEDB&-lay=TrainSession&-recid=1&ScorefromQuiz=100&-edit" 200 547 (Same Info Logged in Web Pub Core, no errors) The XML result file is a smaller file - error file? I can't see it 'cos the browser is stuck on the quiz page and the returning XML isn't displayed. I've got my logging cranked to the max for Apache and FM. Waiting to hear from iSpring if they are 'couching' the URL in something. If it was an error how do I pick out the error code that would have been reported in the XML result file?
  5. JaseFace

    FMP and IP telephony (VoIP)

    Dear All, I've designed a customer database which is to be used for checking customers details. I'd like to use the 'Dial Phone' script step to integrate the Database with an IP telephony system (looking at Nortel/Norstar, or maybe Toshiba) to turn the phones into "HOT" phones. I was wondering whether anyone has experience in building such a system? It looks like it would be straight forward as FMP uses TAPI, but we're all a bit more grown up than to think it's quite that easy.... regards J
  6. EllenG, Have managed to integrate your calendar with my system. Wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be. Works really well. I now only need to decipher the Amend/Delete routine for my amendments. Many thanks indeed Jase
  7. JaseFace

    email a Filemaker layout

    Darn, ... it to your email, JaseFace
  8. JaseFace

    email a Filemaker layout

    Dear All, If you have Acrobat, (you needn't install the whole thing, choose custom) you can install the Acrobat PDFWriter (virtual printer). Then print to it and select 'Print to file', name the print and you can attach (albeit manually) JaseFace
  9. EllenG, Boy was I glad to find this! I've been looking for a Calander util for FMP for a few weeks now and yours does exactly what I need, an Event that starts and finishes on different days. Everything else I've been looking at assumes an events last only one day. I, like you am not a Pro Developer, but am in the process of building a solution for my brothers training company. I must have downloaded 20+ solutions and yours is the first to easily allow such Events. All I have to do now is to work my system into yours (or yours into mine). My main problem being that for me a course is a single record covering multiple days, Rather than a reccurring single day event. Somehow you've worked this. I'm just going to have to batter through all your code. I'll keep you posted and see if I can't come up with some suggestions, Thanks again, Jason

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