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  1. UPDATE= I managed to resolve the calculations only to remember that FileMaker Mobile 2.0 (my current owned version) does not support field calculations.
  2. I've found my post after being redirected to this sub-forum. And, I've got a follow up question. Søren helped me get to the point of calculating and validating the total value. I can use some more brief ideas to get the value from all records with (getit) to add their (price) to equal the (total). field (total) is a calculation... Case(IsValid(getit),Sum(price),0) Right now this only gets the total of the current record. Can something be done with Sum(price) to reference all the records? C
  3. That's close. I was planning to use one record per item with one file maker DB. Yours is a good solution for managing a master price list. My idea is like what if you wanted to track buying the ingriedients (20 pounds of mushrooms, 10 pounds of olives, etc. with check boxes to sort who you buy them from). What is the need for the 8+, 8 parameters in sum? Will you explain that?
  4. I need a simple script to add a price field if a check box is valid. The trick is its in FM5 and I'm a novice. Someone tell me what fucntions i need to use (GetSummary, Count, Sum)? My need is deceptively simple. There is a Check Box, Price, and Total. Every record will have the same total value (no sub total or running total).

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