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  1. I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY DONE WITH exportRows , there was some problem with my script. NOW I HAVE GOT A new PROBLEM THAT IS, I AM FETCHING ONLY NEW RECORDS FROM THE DATABASE AND EXPORTING IT TO A TAB FILE USING THE exportRows command of SQL Plugin, BUT THE NEXT TIME I RUN IT FOR THE NEW RECORDS, THE exportRows command is recreating the TAB FILE (EXPORT.TAB) WITH THE NEW RECORDS AND DELETING THE OLD ONES. ACTUALLY I WANT TO APPEND THE NEW RECORDS INTO THE TAB FILE AND SHOW IT IN THE FM FILE. i don't know how do i do it. there is one more command called appendRows in SQL-Plugin but it also overwrite the records.. can anyone helps me to find a solution ? Thank you very much one and all. Hassan Ali
  2. No errors !! but i am unable to fetch the record after executing the query using "External("SQL-execQuery","select...") after this i am not able to use the getRow,getColum or exportRows to read the recordset and insert it into the Filemaker. my main aim is to fetch a set of new records from SQL server and insert it into FilemakerPro. please guide me further. Thank you very much one and all. Hassan Ali.
  3. may be my badluck, is there any body who can help me out with the SQL-Plugin "External" commands which i have given a couple of samples.. i am unable to fetch data using SQL-Plugin's commands, if anybody is having some kind of script, which i am sure people are having here, since i have read in someposts (don't remember exactly), kindly post it or mail me at hali@bodhtree.com Thank you very much one and all. Hassan Ali.
  4. i am sorry, i did not get what you mean by "waiting for my cheque to clear"
  5. is there no body who can reply to this post... i have been waiting for 3 days.. thanks
  6. Hello all, i am very new to the FM and i have v.4.1. - To be very straight, i want to import data from SQL server to FM pro using ODBC which i was able to do but i am unable to pass dynamic sql i mean dynamic parameters while using ODBC dialog which has the title "specify ODBC sql query for <odbcname>", for intance i want to get records from a table having serial_no > x and i am not able to pass the parameter here. - I have tried it using sql plugin where i am able to contruct the sql query dynamically, got connection to sql Db and executed the query using SQL Plugin commands like Execute("SQL-Open","odbc|uname|pass") -to establish connection Execute("SQL-execQuery","select query") -run a query on the open DB connection but i am unable to fetch the data from the query results and unable to use the commands like Execute("SQL-getRow","") -to get a row Execute("SQL-getColumn","") -to get a column please also guide me on how to pull data from sql server's different tables on one layout of FM. can i pull data from more than 1 table on a single lay out? these tables will be independent of each other. this is very urgent... waiting for the replies with some solutions... thanks all in advance..

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