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  1. Hi, I'm currenty unable to get some data from a FileMaker 4.1 database into a replacement Access 2000 application. I can export the file but Access won't import it. After much investigation I discovered that the export file (approx 2MB) contains some weird characters which cause Access to fall over. Undaunted I wrote some VB to strip these out only to discover VB 6 (and Access) recognise these additions to the export file as 'End Of File'. Though I could open the files in Word or Wordpad (both Access and FM are on PC's running win 98) I've tried all sorts of formats (comma separated, tab separated, merge, DBIII etc) and all sorts of characters sets to no avail. Help anyone! I've plenty of experience as a developer in VB and Access but I know very little FileMaker. Thanks Scott

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