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  1. harrrrrrry

    Email working now its not!

    I use a send mail script and it used to work and now it doesn't, runs the script and then doesn't bring up an email to send with outlook express. I use Filemaker 5.5 (yes I know!!) Any clues please???
  2. harrrrrrry

    De duplicating?

    Thanks lee I was searching under dedupliacte and deduplicating
  3. Is there an automated way to delete all records where one field within a record is the same as another.
  4. harrrrrrry

    Data extraction

    Just had a chance to look at the filemaker file you put up Ugo DI LUCA, and that is brilliant, that is all I need it to do. You are a superstar. Thankyou very much.
  5. harrrrrrry

    Data extraction

    Hi guys, sounds like you are all having fun with this. Although I must admit you are starting to lose me as I read through things. Answers to a couple of questions, yess I am a PC user, and that is exactly how the text comes to me. I have used Internet Macros to retrieve info from a website, I then need to copy all of that info into a filemaker database for my sales guys to use. That code next to Road Map is a UK Postcode I do not mind how the address fields are laid out as long as I have an address for each of them for example Line 3 can contain either a county, city or country. Important things are: Company name postcode tel fax and website Thanks Harry
  6. harrrrrrry

    Data extraction

    Thanks Lee, here is the csv file that I am using it is not the full thing, but gives you the right idea. I don't need to extract anyhting underneath the web addresses, company director etc example.zip
  7. Please help, I have for example the following data in a field, here are two examples: BHC Components Ltd 20-21 Cumberland Drive Granby Industrial Estate Weymouth DT4 9TE (Road Map) Dorset Tel: 01305 782871 Fax: 01305 760670 www.bhc.co.uk Reveal Ltd 34 High Street Thatcham RG19 3JD (Road Map) Berkshire Tel: 01635 873374 Fax: 01635 873375 Internet: www.reveal.co.uk I want each one of those lines extracted and put into a different field ie company name, address line1, address line2, phone fax etc etc. I have managed to get the phone number out easliy as it is between tel: and Fax: My problem is that as you can see each record does not have the same amount of lines in as the address for each company is sometimes 3 4 or 5 lines. Constants in the records are: Poscode always has Road Map to the right of it Tel: and Fax: before each of the numbers www. in a web address Un-constants are: Website addresses sometimes have Internet: infront of them Addresses are sometimes either 3 4 or 5 lines I have my actual database if you would like to see that to help. Thankyou very much for your time harry
  8. harrrrrrry

    More seperating!

    The address does not have any labels and can be anywhere between 2 and 6 lines long but pulling out the addresses manually will not be too much of a problem if the tel fax email and web have been seperated automatically. Thanks Lee, sorry for the delay in posting but I am in the UK.
  9. I have a field that has for example this: 2 Regents Wharf, All Saints Street, London N1 9RL Tel: 020-7837-6433 Fax: 020-7520-8100 Email: gmanly@gratte.com Web: http://www.gratte.com I want to seperate out the tel, fax, email and web to another field, my trouble is that they are not always on the same lines, I know that I need to use the postion command and "Tel:" but cannot quite get it right. Any help would be most welcomed. Thanks.
  10. harrrrrrry

    Seperate Lines

    Thankyou once again Lee it all works perfectly now. Harry. And thanks to everyone else who tried to help.
  11. harrrrrrry

    Seperate Lines

    Thanks Lee that works but strangely the result removes the last letter of the text it pulls out. Could you give me the formula for pulling out the second line as well please. Thankyou you are a filemaker genius!! This will hopefully save hours and hours of cutting and pasting!!
  12. harrrrrrry

    Seperate Lines

    Not the same amount of letters or words each time I am afraid
  13. harrrrrrry

    Seperate Lines

    Maybe it is not a repeating field. The filed I want to split has different values in for each record for example Record 1 has in the field Red Cars Yellow Cars Record 2 has in the same field Green Trucks Orange Trucks
  14. harrrrrrry

    Seperate Lines

    Thanks Sassy one problem the "splitting fields" part does not highlight and I don't quite know what you mean by a repeating field. Thanks
  15. I have a field with two lines of text in ie Red Cars Yellow Cars How can I remove just the second line of text (Yellow Cars) and put it into a different field still leaving the first line of text (red cars) in the original field. Thanks

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