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  1. Date and time countdown

    Here is a slightly modified version with more accurate output: TimeLeft=Case(DaysLeft = "1", DaysLeft & " day", EndDate > Status(CurrentDate), DaysLeft & " days", EndTimeEST > Status(CurrentTime),TimeToText(HoursLeft), "Ended")
  2. Date and time countdown

    Thanks for the tip. Here is what worked for me: TimeLeft=Case(EndDate > Status(CurrentDate), DaysLeft & " days", EndTimeEST > Status(CurrentTime),TimeToText(HoursLeft), "Ended")
  3. Hi I have a specific enddate and endtime. what I would like to do is show the time remaining in one field. For example if there are 2 days left is will say 2, however if there is less that 1 day left it should show the hours and minutes left. I can do this as separate calculations, but can't figure out a way to show this in the same field, since they result in different calculation types (date or time). Is there a way of doing this. or is it impossible due to the different calculation result formats? Thanks
  4. Searching for record with date and time

    Hi BobWeaver thanks for the advice. The one problem I seem to be having with multiple searches is that the second search seems to wipe out the old search results. I am a bit of a newbie on this, but there must be something very basic I am missing. Could you offer any suggestions?
  5. Searching for record with date and time

    Thanks for your suggestion, but I realized that it still doesn't give what I need. What I want is to find all records which are greater than todays date and time, not a range of dates and times as your example above shows. For example, the record will have a date = 9/22/03 and a time of 12:00pm. If today is 9/22/03 and it is 11:59am, the find will return this record. If today is 9/22/03 and it is 12:01, it doesn't. I tried using the calculation I listed above, but that calculation isn't updated in the record as the time changes, so it is only useful if I manually change the date or time in the record. I have also tried to put this logic into a script, but it only works on 1 record, not all my records. Is there a way to make it work on all my records. Again, any and all help would be appreciated.
  6. Searching for record with date and time

    Gotcha, Thanks alot for the help.
  7. Searching for record with date and time

    Ok, here is what I tried and I think it is working. I made a calc field which is: StatusID=If(EndDate > Status(CurrentDate), "1", If(EndDate = Status(CurrentDate), If(EndTimeEST > Status(CurrentTime), "1", "0"), "0")) I can now do a find for Records where StatusID=1 Does that sound resonable, or is there a better solution?
  8. Searching for record with date and time

    I guess I'm confused. I only have one date field, and one time field. Do I need to make 2 date fields in my search page? And how does this help with records which have date=today and a time < current time?
  9. Searching for record with date and time

    I tried to delete the previous post when I thought I had found my answer. Unfortunatetly that did not work. There is also no posting of your answer in that post. Perhaps the fact that I tried to delete the post stop your reply. Obviously if I had seen your reply, I would not have asked the question again. Would it be possible for you to repost your answer here? I would really appreciate it.
  10. Hi I am trying to Find records which are greater than the current Date and Time. I have 2 fields called EndDate and EndTime. I would like to know how to create a find request to return all records which are >=the current Date and time. I am really stuck on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I thought I had it figured out, but I was wrong.
  11. figured it out. Thanks anyway.
  12. Ouch!, I didn't realize it would be such a pain. Thanks for all the help.
  13. Hi I am having trouble with the following. I want to have an equation in a global text field which the user can edit if they wish. I then need to insert this global text field (which has fieldnames in the formula) into a Calculation field. When I try to do this, all I see is the formula text show up in the Calculation field. Is there a special way I need to insert this? Basically here is what I'm doing. I have a global text field called gCalc. In the Calculation field (called Calc), I have Calc=gCalc. This is not working as I described above, so I am obviously doing something wrong. I'm pretty new to all this, so any help would be appreciated.

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