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  1. Font changes for no reason

    sorry. OSX and FM6. there are no preview layouts. like i said i didnt create this file but it has been in use for 8 years and we havent had a problem until recently. maybe switching the panther?
  2. Font changes for no reason

    I have a multi-user database that has been used by my company for several years. i did not create it however i have modified it several times. we use it to print all different types of labels. Lately a curious thing has been occuring. While i am one of the only people to have the admin password (and the only one to ever use it) the font has been mysteriously changing on all the layouts. We all use macs here and it is a little frustrating because I have to change it back on about 50 different fields because our labels have to match our company profile using a similar font (Helvetica Bold), in bold style, size 14 and the font always gets reset to plain, size 12, Gill Sans. No one should have access to change the font for the field except for each individual record they are working on. Does anyone know why this may occur?
  3. My company has been using a database for over 5 years now. It is a very simple database used to print labels onto pre-formatted sheets of paper from matching layouts. Until two weeks ago, the database worked perfectly where there is a main page with a field (text_field) and you can type information, set the style of the text (bold or wwhatever) and the size and font and then click on the type of label you want to print (vhs or dvd, etc.) and it would keep those style choices. Unfortunatly two weeks ago, for no known reason, the database will no longer perform this necessary function. Any styles chosen on the main page are not carried over and all our formatting of labels is coming out incorrect. I have taken a look at the database and it is very simple. Text field is on the main page and then when you look onto other layouts (vhs, dvd) the text field is jusst placed in different spots. Only one modifiable field in the whole database. We need to get the database to go back the way it was and allow user style manipulations on the main page before entering the layout pages (the fields are unmodifiable here and i can chhange that but it's not a solution since most people using this database are pretty computer illiterate and wuldn't understand doing it on a seperate page, also, we have freelancers in all the time and i cannot be bothered to teach them how to use the database). Please help!!! Version: v6.x Platform: Mac OS X Panther
  4. I have created a dtabasse system that has been working very well excecpt for a few problems. Several records have "disappeared" or have been "deleted" by various users when they tried to do a search or some other command incorrectly. I have sat down with them many times to explain all thsi but it just isn't getting through. The way the system works is an engineer creates a record and fills in a few fields of info. These fields are used by the user to search but they should nto be able to edit them. The user MUST be able to edit the information that remains below in a portal. I have restricted access from the user to be able to Delete and Create records but how do I restrict the user from editing only certain fields. Now the problem also arises that everyone logs into the system as a GUEST and that cannot be altered due to the way the entire filemmaker server is set up. How do I allow one password all access and one password only access to certain fields?
  5. I was given a database by my company to add a layout to. The database is for purchase orders and it goes back several years. My company wants a layout created in which they can view all the items purchased sorted by the name of the company purchased from with a total for each company. There are 4 fields (company_name, date, total, and item). The summary of the total would add up all the TOTAL fields for each company (this is how much each purchase amounted to). I tried to use the automated wizard that comes with filemaker but it isn't showing up correctly. In browse mode i have individual records and in preview mode it is all on one sheet. This is what I wanted however I only want to show the data for THIS YEAR. I performed a search for everything with 2003 but when i do that It loses the format of company name and everything below it. Please help! -Shana
  6. Add new portal row below selected row

    i didnt know oyu can duplicate rows!!!!
  7. Add new portal row below selected row

    nevermind that isn't going to work. my boss doesn't like the idea of numbering every row.
  8. Add new portal row below selected row

    I created the database from scratch. I am a computer programmer and this is my second filemaker database that my company had me learn so that I could make databases for them. As I said before not all cards have time codes or dates and this is mostly because they correspond to data above however this is not always true. several times artists will forget to write down the time code and then it is just left blank. I am not sure how a sort could possibly work because I need to add information days or even several years later. The system is already in place and the reason I had posted the question was because several artists have been coming up to me saying they forgot to input something a while ago and now they need to but there is no way to add cards (also i forgot some lines of older cards when I was originally entering them in). I am going to try Zincb's idea of the numberic field sort. thanks.
  9. printing script only works part of the time

    That seems to have worked so far!!! Thanks.
  10. I have a printing script that I wrote that only works part of the time. Basically, whenever I open the file and print one of the records, it prints fine. If i hit print again on that record or any other record it only prints the FIRST record. If i quit out of the program and go back in, then it will do the same thing (print correctly and then not print correctly). I am using OSX.2 and FM6. Here is the script which is place on a button for the current record: Set Field ["gID", "Status(CurrentRecordNumber)"] Allow User Abort [Off] Omit Record Show Omitted Go to layout ["Print"] Enter Preview Mode [] Page Setup [Restore] Print[] Enter Browse Mode[] Go to Layout [Original Layout] Go to Record/Request/Page ["gID"] Show All Records Perform Script [sub-scripts, "Screensize"] Any suggestions? Also, FM only returns to the current record on the first print every other print it goes to the first record. Thanks, Shana
  11. Add new portal row below selected row

    Well, the logic is simple. I work at a post production house where we have libraries of tapes for each project we work on. We keep index cards with the time codes of every item on every time. Sometimes there is only one item on a video tape and sometimes there are a lot of items depending various factors. I am in the process of converting all the hand written cards that go back several years to the database i wrote. We have already converted over 500 cards and when we checked back it has come to our attention that lines were neglected on the cards with lots of information just due to human error. A lot of times however we have come across people who are too busy to write down the data immeditaly after laying off to tape....several days later we will need to go back and enter the data in the correct spot because usually more stuff is layed off after the data. When it is a handwritten index card, it is not difficult to squeeze in a line written small but this is not the case with file maker. It is very important that everything is int he correct order. Not every line of information has a date or a time or even a timecode because sometimes it is a group of data with one large timecode and we put notes on the following lines.
  12. Add new portal row below selected row

    so is there no way to just add a row wherever needed?
  13. Add new portal row below selected row

    On second thought, this does not work. While it does sort by date, I can't have it do that on EVERY record because some of the entries in the portals do not have dates but need to stay in the position they are at. Therefore, I need to sort only ONE portal in a record or just ADD a ROW like i thought from the beginning...any thoughts?!?!
  14. Add new portal row below selected row

    actually, sorting by date worked!!! thank you so much!
  15. Add new portal row below selected row

    Well I tried to sort the portal by date but I was unable to get this to work. it only sorted the records in the main file and not the ones in the portal.

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