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    Notes Field and other questions

    thanx for the info, on the duplication works great if there was only 2 records on the dups but what If I had 3, 4, 5, or more of the same record...I'm working on it to see if I can figure it out but some help would really be appreciated. thanx
  2. Hello everyone, I know it's possible to have a notes field where current user, date and time are automatically added with a script but how can I make that field not modifiable after the user note has been entered. Also I'm importing about 100,000 records into one db and I need to get rid of one record of all records that are duplicated. It's been about 3 years since I used FMPro so I'm a little rusty. Thank you all for your help
  3. eyvaldivia

    checkbox help

    -Queue- Thank you for your help that did the trick.
  4. eyvaldivia

    checkbox help

    ernst, I've tried this and still can't get it to work. The value list for status field are postcard, letter1, letter2, letter2, email, labels. Now if I print labels, that checkbox is checked... but when I print letter1 it unchecks labels and checks letter1. How can I set it up to where it updates the field so that anything that is printed is check so I know what's been done with that specific record. -Raul
  5. Hello all... another question that I can't figure out. In my d-base we print labels, postcards, letter1, letter2, letter, and we also send email. I created a field called "status" field formatted at checkbox. What I'm looking for is anytime we do one of the letters to check the appropriate box weather is a letter, postcard or an email. Can anyone help please. Thanks -Raul
  6. eyvaldivia

    Printing postcards problem

    I can't belive it was just that easy. I'm disapointed with myself to have overlook that. Thank you Ugo for the "Printing 101" class
  7. Hello Everyone...I'm having trouble printing when I use this script. It will only print the first 5 records out of 40 plus records. Can anyone help me out please. Thank you. Go To Layout ["Postcard"] Enter Preview Mode [] Print [No Dialog] Enter Browse Mode [] Go To Layout ["Pacific Ford"] -Raul

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