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  1. Hah! I got it to work ---- well, sort of...... At least enough to feel like I finally accomplished something. So thanks! However, I can only get the selections to work if I hard code the global value; meaning, if I enter in the number of the id into a text box set to the global value field. How do I get the id of whatever dropdown box I'm using to be = to the global ID? I can't set up a relationship because Inventory is the master. I can do the reverse (material_id = global_desc) but that doesn't get me very far. Isn't there someway just to write a script that says, "When dropdown box y selects value x then global_desc becomes x?" always learning, Ngia
  2. I am having an awful time getting a set of dropdown boxes to display different information depending on the choices in each previous list. This is the same problem solved by the excellent demo at www.nightwing.com. However, I'm afraid I'm just not getting it to work. Here is my situation, I

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