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  1. Pedro Filipowsky

    Looking for good example of php-FMP website

    Thanks Andy. These are perfect examples. I recommend that anyone looking for good examples of FMP-driven websites check these out.
  2. I am a FMP developer working up a proposal for a major association. They will need FMP web publishing using php. They are concerned about performance and functionality using FMP as the backend -- they just don't know!! I'm totally confident that FMP-php will serve their needs, but I would like to be able to point to some real-world solutions that would demonstrate FMP's capabilities. Does anyone know of any good sites??
  3. Pedro Filipowsky

    "Page Not Found" when linking to default page

    Thanks Garry. I will try that. Do you happen to know what the port settings need to be on their firewall to open it up to port 591?
  4. I have a website being hosted in one place and a link on one of my pages to another IP address which is running FileMaker Unlimited and serving the remainder of the pages which interact with the FMP database. The main website uses frames, with the web companion pages 'inside' one of the frames. (To see this, go to www.cpestore.com and click on the "Online Grading" link; then clicking on the "Grade It" button opens the default web companion page.) I use the following link to get to my default Web Companion page: Here is the problem. Some of my users get a "Page Not Found" error when they click on the above link. They can access the rest of the pages just fine, just not the web companion pages. It appears that this problem occurs only when they are accessing the internet from a business computer network. I suspect that the problem has to do with a firewall and/or proxy server configuration, or maybe even a browser setting. Can anyone help me out with this?
  5. Pedro Filipowsky

    How to disable 'Enter' key

    I have a form which the user fills out on the web, but whenever they press the 'Enter' or 'Return' key it executes the "Submit" action (which actually edits a record in the database.) I really only want the form submitted by clicking the "Submit" button. Is there any way of disabling the 'enter' key from executing the submit action?
  6. Pedro Filipowsky

    Double-Clicking Disaster

    I was experiencing the same problem with the "database not open" issue. When I added Print and Export Records access authorization to my web user password ("no password" in my case), all my problems went away -- haven't had an occurrence of "database not open" ever since. Maybe this will solve your problem.
  7. Pedro Filipowsky

    Database Not Open Error Appears...

    I too am having the same problem - on a regular basis (daily). - using FMP Unlimited 6 on Windows XP, accessing files hosted by FMP Server on Windows 2000 Pro - 1 particular file will 'fall offline' (web browser says "database not available") while all others are OK - the one that falls offline will revert to limited access but will remain open on client FMP (e.g. access to ScriptMaker gets dimmed) - restarting the affected file fixes the problem I have looked at the Web Companion logs and have found the following messages at the time that the affected file dropped off line: (1) Error Log: "HTTP session disconnected." (2) Access Log: " - - [15/Sep/2003:05:25:24 -0700] "GET /consimp/FMPro?-db=CIshopper&-lay=Web+layout&-format=form8.htm&-view HTTP/1.1" 200 0" In the case of the Access Log message, what I have found in ALL cases is the appearance of the '200 0' string at the end of the message. DOES ANYONE know what these numbers mean in the Access Log? And, could this give us a clue as to what is causing the problem?

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