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  1. Ok thanks!! correct syntax : [<modulename>.<macroname>(<arguments>)] If no argument, leave the brackets anyway.
  2. I'm trying to run a Microsoft Word (win2k) macro contained in a script that loops about 100 times. Word is opened using the send message script step once before the loop. I guess it's just a syntax problem but I've tried every possibility and it's driving me nuts! Service name : Winword Topic : system (using a document's name doesn't work) Commands: I've tried everything: [<macroname>] [run <macroname>] [run ("<macroname>")] [call <macroname>] [application.run <macroname>] (Every instruction between the [] is performed under a sub TmpDDE.) I've tried every combination of quotes and brackets... -One problem is that Word makes as if <macroname> was a variable; it writes: Dim <macroname> <macroname> ==> expected: sub function or property when just <macroname> would work. -Another problem occurs when using dot-separated expressions: <projectname.modulename.macroname> => WordBasic.Call "Projectname.modulename", .macroname=> wrong or non-qualified reference. Thanks in advance

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