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  1. thanks so far, but, yes, one solution posted here is exactly the way we do it right now (looping trough field names), and yes, you can't go to a field by name. can anybody tell why??? this would be a ******* good feature to have... so, does anybody know of a plugin to do so?
  2. hi, sorry for this question, but i'm absolutely new here, and one of my costumers asked me to find an answer to this question: he has a database in fm 4. about 600 fields per record, and in a script he wants to activate a field, where the fields name is written in another field. so, what he did so far was, to run through all fields, always checking (with status actual field) if the name is the same, as the field he is searching for. kinda slow this solution, so he is searching for a faster way to get to the required field. anybody any ideas???

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