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    Sub-Summary Report Confusion

    Thanks LaRetta, I figured it out. I wasn't sorting by the Staff field before displaying the report in Preview Mode. I thought the sub-summary part setup dialog did the sorting for you, but now I realize it will only sub summarize if the found set is already sorted by the appropriate field. Thanks for the help!
  2. The Professor

    Sub-Summary Report Confusion

    My layout never had a body part. I created the summary field "Total Hours Worked", but I still get individual listings for each record. Now that I've added the summary field, as far as I can tell my layout is identical in design to the Customer Report layout in the Time Billing template, but I still get individual listings for each record. For some reason it works it the template, but not in my own identical layout.
  3. The Professor

    Sub-Summary Report Confusion

    Hi all, and thanks in advance yet again for answering another of my noob questions. I'm trying to create a simple report that shows total time billed for each staff member. I created a layout with one sub-summary part containing the standard fields "Staff" and "Hours Worked". The sub-summary part is set to sort by "Staff". What I get in preview mode however is a normal list view of each record for each staff member with the individual hours worked for each record. What I want is a single, cumulative line entry for each staff member that also totals the hours. What happens now: Joe Smith 10 hours Joe Smith 5 hours Joe Smith 10 hours Joe Smith 10 hours Jane Doe 4 Hours Jane Doe 6 Hours Jane Doe 4 Hours Jane Doe 6 Hours Jane Doe 10 Hours Fred Brown 2 Hours Fred Brown 3 Hours Fred Brown 6 Hours What I want: Joe Smith 35 hours Jane Doe 20 Hours Fred Brown 11 Hours I looked at the "Customer Report" layout in the Time Billing template database and it behaves correctly. The template does not use summary fields, just a single sub-summary part that produces a single entry for each customer value with a cumulative total for time. (It sorts by customer name, not staff name as mine does, but is otherwise identical.) When I try to duplicate the report in my database, I get the repeating behavior described above.
  4. Works like a charm. Thanks a ton, ender!
  5. Hi all, and thanks in advance for helping a noob. I have a simple billing DB with a "finalize" script that needs to paste the last calendar day of the current month into a date field. Currently I'm just setting the date field with a static (but temporarily correct) value for the last day and then manually changing the script every month. What I need is a calculation that generates the last calendar date of the current month automatically. I'm sure there's a simple Date Function solution, but I'm stumped.
  6. The Professor

    Need Help Planning a Time Entry/Billing Solution

    Each record is one entry of time per client, so a given client could have hundreds or thousands of records. I managed to get a report that totals all the time for each client, but I still have three problems: My report shows every record for every client in the database. Is there a way to restrict the records shown in a report? I tried a simple find of ten given records, but when I switched to the report, it ignored the search results and defaulted back to one massive report of every record. Secondly, I still don't know where to "put" the payment amounts. Should I create a different layout within the Time DB itself dedicated to incoming payments? Have a payment field which has its own running total which is subtracted from a running total of all time billed? This would be a different kind of record than the normal time entry record. Is it possible/wise to "mix" them in this way? If the payments need to be in another table, how do I do that? Lastly, I need to show the amount of the most recent payment in the report. How can I "find" the payment record with the most recent date and display it in the report? Thanks again to all for any responses and sorry for the newbie questions.
  7. Hi All, Warning! I have some dumb questions about some probably basic FM concepts, so thanks in advance to all those kind enough to help. I have a law firm client using an ancient OS 9 based time entry/billing program called Timeslips. I have been tasked with recreating (and hopefully improving) it in Filemaker. I have the time entry portion up and running fine. Each record is an entry of billable time tied to a particular client. But now I have to create a printed monthly bill for each client. Seems simple enough, but there are some wrinkles. First, it has to maintain a rolling balance due. Most of the firm's clients have outstanding balances that are allowed to remain on the books for months and months. When payment is received, it's rarely for the full amount of the bill. So I have to allow for random, partial payments that will be reflected on the next month's bill. Secondly, I don't have the luxury of a strict calendar month based search for each printed bill. Sometimes time and expenses are entered retroactively, so that the new November bill will include "new" charges dated from April. Lastly, and most importantly, how do I track payments when they do come in? Do I need a separate DB/table for this? My Time DB just tracks billable time. Where do I "put" the payments as they come in? Do I need a separate DB/table for this, and if so, how do I get all the time entry records in from the Time DB? Can I achieve this via a report? Sorry for the vague nature for the problem. I'll try to explain it better in response to questions.
  8. The Professor

    Search Script To Display Current Week and Month

    Partial success, but still need help! I finally managed to get the Current Date, Monday Date and Sunday Date fields to properly format and populate (I was just being retarded), but I'm having trouble try the Set Field step in the script. I specify the target field to be Transaction Date, but when I specify the calculated result with Transaction Date; Monday Date & "..." & Sunday Date, I get the following error: "An operator (e.g. +,-,*, ...) is expected here." with the semi colon after Transaction Date highlighted. The Set Field example in FMP help is formatted the same way, so I don't understand why it's not working. Anyone? Beuller? Thanks for the help!
  9. The Professor

    Search Script To Display Current Week and Month

    Bump. Can anyone help with this, please? I know it's a simple problem, but I've tried everything and I still can't even get my fields to populate, let alone finish my script. Thanks!
  10. The Professor

    Search Script To Display Current Week and Month

    Two problems: #1 Creating the Current Date, Monday Date and Sunday Date fields as directed returns no values for those fields. Are they supposed to automatically show a value? #2 When creating the script, Set Field should be as a calculated result right? When I fill in the calculation with [Transaction Date; Monday Date & "..." & Sunday Date] I get the error: "The specified table cannot be found". Please help!
  11. The Professor

    Search Script To Display Current Week and Month

    Thanks Ralph, I'll give that a try.
  12. The Professor

    Search Script To Display Current Week and Month

    I'm sorry, can you be a little more specific? How do I calculate the day of the week? How do I then restrict the found set to only dates back to the previous Monday?
  13. Hi all, happy new year and thanks in advance for helping with my noob question. I have a simple income invoice that tracks checks received. How can I get a script to search for and display all records from the current calendar week (Monday-Sunday) and last calendar week? I know I can simply search with a date range like 01.03.2005...01.09.2005, but that requires inputing the specific dates for each calendar week. How do I get to automatically search for this week and last week with out requiring the user to type in the actual dates in question? I need it to automatically roll over every week without the user having to input any actual dates. I also need a current month search script. Again it has to roll over without entering any dates.
  14. The Professor

    Need Help With A Simple Running Total

    Thanks, dbruggmann! That worked perfectly.
  15. Hi All, I have an actor's auditions database that I would like to display a running total of auditions for a given actor. This needs to be in the regular list view and not as a grand summary part, report or portal. It also needs to be global, not just for the found set. The current list view simply has the actor's name, audition date, location and type. I'd like one more field at the end of this row that shows how many total auditions that actor has. Just the total number of records with a given actor's full name, but I don't know if I need a self join or a get function of some kind. Thanks in advance, this forum has been a lifesaver for me.

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