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  1. MANY THANKS...To you all It works a treat. I have adapted it so that it works off the Wholesale price and it is now 'ticketty boo'. Ugo. 'Bloke' is Australian for another male eg. "Who's that bloke" or "He's a top bloke". Now I shall fiddle some more and tweak a few things and if assistance is needed I shall contact you all again. You are all 'Top Blokes'
  2. Thanks Jim. Its true what you say about the Auto Enter by Calc case script listed above. It only works once and as the camera companies are constantly changing prices it is necessary that we all know when the price was last changed. Many thanks though to all who have tried. I am using FM5.5 with Dev 5 so unfortunately the script you sent doesn't work. I will however try to work around this idea using what I have. It's one of the many things I like about FM in that there is always more than one way to skin the proverbial cat. As I write this the button idea is sounding better all the time. It will help eliminate entry errors as well. I have attached the file with the Case Calc inserted. All I have at the moment is a button that changes the date in the current record. That depends though on the operator remembering to do so. A less than perfect situation. PS Don't be alarmed at the prices as they are all in Australian Dollars. Cheers and many thanks to you all. camera prices.zip
  3. Sorry blokes but none of these work. I will continue to tinker but if you have any other suggestions I would appreciate it.
  4. My request is very simple. I have developed a simple db to calculate the %markup on the digital cameras we sell in our store. The db will be spread around the company so that we can esily remain competitive. I need it to be as idiot proof as possible. I have a field that displays the date that the price has been changed. I need that to be automatic rather than typed in by the user. The record also has a % column in which the operator can enter the markup, therefore a simple 'last modified' button is useless. So my question is... How can I get the date field to change to the current date when only the price field is modified? I suspect the answer is really simple but its been 3 years since I have developed a db and I'm a bit rusty. Cheers.

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