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    FP Telephony plugin

    Can anyone help me with a working telephony plugin of FP Telephony? I tried a trial version, which worked fine (dialing out and number recognition), but it seems that the website of FP Telephony (www.fptelephony.com) is not working anymore and the company cannot be reached. Any suggestions are very welcome. Regards, BJ Holland
  2. BJ Holland

    Attaching a MS word document

    Thank you again for your quick reply. I managed to insert a link to a word file on our server (Windows (2000) Exchange Server, Filemaker 5 Server and 5.5 client) via 'insert object'in a container field, 'create from file', check the box 'link' and then insert the link. I even discovered that the word document opens when doubleclicking on the containerfield!. I created a calculated field to generate the link, which is different for each record but can be generated logically (and automatically). Ubfortunately I could't insert the calculated field in de box 'file' (under: 'Create from file'). Do you know a workaround to do so? Best regards, BJ Holland
  3. Hi, is it possible to attach a MS Word document to a record (preferrably by a hyperlink)? Our current workaround is pasting the text from the word document into a text field and losing the layout.

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