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  1. Custom [Error 404 - URL Not Found] Web Page?

    I apologize if I was not clear. I am referring to the web server error (404 - URL Not Found), Not the database error (404 - Sort order is invalid) or any other database error. I'm talking about the kind of errors that can be redirected by an .htaccess file on most web servers. Sorry for any confusion.
  2. Custom [Error 404 - URL Not Found] Web Page?

    I have looked everywhere I can think of (filemaker.com, search engines, forums, 404lab.com). Isn't there a way to get the Web Companion to display a custom web page when a user requests a page that is not there (like other web servers do)? I thought maybe /Error/FileNotFound.htm would work, but it doesn't. I thought maybe an ErrorDocument directive in an .htaccess file would work, but Mac OSX will not allow files that begin with a dot. HELP!

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