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  1. Sorry about the shortage of information! In a mediation several students meet to resolve the problem. Each student belongs to a school "family". Often students from different families mediate together. Two files support the system. The event log records info about the nature of the conflict (eventID, date, category, referring person, description, etc.). The event log relates to the participant log (by eventID) which stores the attributes of each participant (id, name, grade, ethnic, school family etc.). I am reporting participant counts from the participant file and want to report monthly the total number of students in each family who mediated (participants) and the number of actual students. In a typical month a family might have 15 participants (occurrences) involving only 10 students (a few repeaters). If Susie mediated 3 times, she would count 3 times as a participant but only once as an individual. I would like to organize the report by month with each line within the month showing: school family name, participantCount, individualCount I hope this helps clarify.
  2. Each record in my mediation log has fields for ID, date, family, month. For any one family there could be 8 ID's associated with the month BUT those 8 ID's might only represent 5 individuals. I can write a formula to count the 8 but can't conceptualize how to count the five. I'd like to print the results by month using summary fields if possible as follows: Month total individuals Family A 8 5 Family B 12 8 any ideas?

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