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  1. Turns out this was just in the field definitions. UNCHECK : Do not replace existing value of field UNCHECK : Prohibit modification of value during data entry CHECK : Data validation, unique values only, Validate always UNCHECK : Data validation, allow user to override during data entry
  2. We have a duplication script takes a single record and duplicates it (plus all related records) around 50 to 100 times. We are using get(UUID) as the auto entered calculation of the pk. Maybe once in one hundred times or less, MS reports a duplicate pk. When we check the database where the record was created (Hub), there is no duplicate key. The duplicate is only on the spoke database, ie in a record created completely by MS. (For this test we created all records on the Hub only). So this means that MS is creating a record in the spoke database but using the wrong primary key for
  3. FM17 What's New page says : "Work while reconnecting If you lose your network connection, continue working with files that don’t depend on that host while the connection is being restored." Is this referring to the infamous spinning blue circle in WebDirect ? That thing happens way too often.. I'm also wondering what files you might be working on that "don’t depend on that host" ?
  4. I'm having the same problem now when displaying Google maps in a Web viewer. The WebViewer says that my browser is not supported, but when I click on "Learn More" it shows that I have the latest version of IE (IE 11 on Windows 10) The exact error message is "You are using a browser that is not supported by the Google Maps JavaScript API. Consider changing your browser. I updated to the latest Java, still the same. This google api page shows that IE 11 is supported https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/browsersupport I have tried everything here h
  5. Thanks Wim. I had no idea that you can use a browser like that to view data and perform actions in a hosted database. But my original question still remains - is there a way to trigger a script automatically when a field value is changed via ODBC ?
  6. I'm creating a simple system to update a remote FM file from an android device, using Cellica Database". http://www.cellica.com/Products.html An ODBC connection has been created, and I can add, modify and delete records in my FM database from my android. I want to trigger a script in FM when a field is modified via the ODBC connection. None of the native FM script triggers work as they are dependent on layouts or user actions. I have tried DoScript, Scriptmaster and EventScript - using field validation. All work OK if I modify the value within FM, but none trigger when the value is m
  7. I have a system for calculating golf handicaps. I noticed that a handicap of 14.5 rounded to 14 instead of 15. A players playing handicap for a round of golf is calculated as Handicap Index / 113 * Course Slope Rating. In this case the Handicap Index is 14.5 and the Slope is 113. The playing handicap is 14.5, which rounds to 15. So I opened a data viewer window and entered Round(14.5, 0). The result is 15, which is correct. Again in the data viewer I entered Round(14.5/113*113) and the result is 14. That seems wrong to me. I entered 14.5 / 113 * 113 on my calculator (an old Casio), and s
  8. I have an application that was using IWP under FM Server 12, to allow my friends and friends of friends to upload their golf scores, and my system would calculate their USGA handicaps. After upgrading to FM Server 13, IWP not longer exists, and WebDirect does not support mobile devices. So, I set up an alternative server using FM12. A lot of guys that I don't have contact details for, used that IWP based system to upload golf scores. So I don't have a way to tell them all the new URL. Using the old IWP URL, you are presented with a screen that says "The requested page is not fo
  9. OK, I found what i think is the problem, and a partial solution. Problem The problem appears to be the keyboard. On a mobile device, the keyboard pops up when you enter an entry field. When using WebDirect on a mobile, you will notice that when you place the cursor in any field, the keyboard keeps appearing and disappearing, making it almost impossible to enter anything. If you do manage to enter a few characters and get one wrong, you will have as much difficulty trying to erase characters. It happens in any field, not just drop-downs. I assume (but cannot confirm) that a mobile with a fixe
  10. Dropdowns in IWP using a mobile device worked fine, but with FM13, IWP is gone. FM says that "FileMaker WebDirect is not currently designed for use on a mobile device." Well, that's a little inconvenient for those of us who own a device which does not support FM Go. I have a system which tracks golf handicaps for my golfing group. The guys enter their scores after playing a round, usually using their phone. Now it doesn't work anymore. I have tried Firefox, Chrome and Dolphin browsers. I tried using popup menu and drop-down list. None work properly on a mobile, all work fin
  11. I had this same problem and it had me stumped for a week. Apparently, both the programs for 64 bit and 32 bit ODBC DSN have the SAME NAME ! They are both called odbcad32.exe If you go to Start > Run on Windows 7 64 bit and run odbcad32.exe what you are actually running is the 64 bit version. I had wrongly assumed it was the 32 bit version due to the 32 in the name. So make sure to use the version of odbcad32.exe in c:WindowsSysWOW64
  12. 12 GB RAM ? OK, this is the point that I'm making Steven. FM says 8 GB is "recommended", and yet you say 12 GB is "a good starting point". So really what should be on the FM website as recommended for Windows 2008 server is "12+ GB".
  13. Great, thanks Wim. They need to put that info on their website as well !
  14. FM have issued a list of minimum and recommended specs for FM12 http://www.filemaker.co.uk/products/filemaker-server/server-12-specifications.html They show the recommended RAM and HDD space for each supported Operating System - my question is, does it make a difference which OS we use ? ie does it make any difference if we use Windows 7, or 2003 or 2008 ? Or 32 bit vs 64 bit ? FM just says they are all supported, but does not seem to say if one is better than another. Am I wrong in thinking that a server that is hosting databases that are larger or busier or have more us
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