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  1. I was putting data into 8.5 from remote location. No problems in past. 2 days ago lost connection but don't know why. Assume it was power outage but no indication when I go to the host site. But the data base was "damaged" nd needed to be recovered. Figured I'd do that later and attempted to open other data bases, They were also were damaged. For reason I can't recall, I decided to reinstall FM. It says installation successful but no menu to operate from. I threw all the FM data bases away etc and it is still not really installing. Can anyone HELP? I've never heard of this.
  2. Steve, I'll take your suggestion as a back-up but will see if I can make aaa's idea work. Thank you both.
  3. I have several databases with 30,000 plus items in each. Each database should have matching inventory but they don't. I thought I could create a new data base that could compare the inventory #s from each of the other databases so that the same inventory # would line up across the page, enabling me to see the discrepancies. That didn't really work. I couldn't get the numbers to line up. Can anyone help me - by telling me what I'm not thinking through in this plan or with another idea about how to find the discrepancies. Thank you. Flanzy
  4. We have almost 40,000 books for sale in a fmp data base. I created a FMPcalculation field that generates the specific URL address for each title. (I upload that info to froogle to be listed there.) We have moved our inventory to a shopping cart site. I am under the impression that if I create a list of all our titles, linking each title to its URL and post it as part of the sitemap at the shopping cart site, eventually search engines like google will pick up the titles. I use Claris Home Page to create html. It would be painfully time-consuming to make a link for each title. Because the URL address is in a field in the same database as the titles, there must be a way to automate this process (And e.g. Froogle does it somehow because I send them the info in various fields and it turns each title into a link to the URL.) Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thank you. Flanzy
  5. Paul, you were correct. I just had the chance to try the solution and it works beautifully. I set up about 20 for the try-out. Will now set it all up. All the years I've been using FMP 4.1 - never had need for this feature and was looking for another keyword in the manual index and coming up with a big zero. Thank you and all who participate in this forum for the help! Happy 2005!
  6. Lee, thank you for your reply. I will see if it makes sense to me. But to explain further: The db is for used books. I have a field called "category" and another called "parent category" If the text in category is "WW I" I want the parent category to automatically fill-in "American History." If the category is "Aviation & Flight" I want the parent category to fill-in "transportation." I have a value list set for the category and I can do one for parent category if that would work. I definitely want all the terms to be constant. Flanzy
  7. I want to put a text value in one field and depending on that value have another value automatically fill in another field. Is this possible and if so, how? I have been trying to figure it out with scriptmaker, value list, relationships - but don't see how. Thank you.
  8. Flanzy

    auto fill-in data failure

    Ahhh - yes. I see. I have been importing records from another data base and it wasn't filling-in. But I just created a new record and there is was. A 1000 thank yous.
  9. I do this with serial numbers advancing with each new record and have never had any trouble. But I recently tried to have the same text added automatically to certain fields - defining it for each field - but the text doesn't show up. Any suggestions to fix this? My thanks and happy holiday wishes in advance.
  10. Flanzy

    Is this a secure solution?

    Anatoli, I am confused. There are 3 computers on an in-house network that communicate via apple-talk. But only one computer runs the on-line shopping cart solution. Anyone who wants to work with it goes to that computer. We live in a rural state and our bookstore is in our barn behind our house. The barn is dry and economically rennovated (floors, shelves and ceilings.) I make back ups of the solution - so do I still need to have two systems? Also - when you go to book-selling sites like abebooks.com - or a lot of other shopping sites, they offer a secure way to send credit card info. So doesn't that - or will that achieve the security one wants? Or am I not thinking correctly? --- Flanzy
  11. Flanzy

    Is this a secure solution?

    Unable - I thought you weren't going to broadcast my error in having that info available. I hope I was able to remove it before everyone went there. Have solved one speed problem, but don't know how. I am now trying to figure out if lasso would be the answer or an SSL to the security issue. BTW - this Flanzy is female.
  12. Flanzy

    sudden slow search results

    Could you please resend? I can't find it.
  13. Flanzy

    sudden slow search results

    I removed the customer database info as soon as I saw your message. The fellow who helped me set it up said that would NOT be a problem. Obviously he was wrong. THANKS FOR TELL ING ME. I don't know how you got into it - and would like to know. Anyway, we don't need to keep that info so suppose we just delete it as soon as we get it? or can someone be looking at it 24/7 and pick it up as soon as it comes in? I need to look at the thread you gave me which I will do today and see if I understand. Flanzy
  14. Flanzy

    sudden slow search results

    Thanks for all the responses so far. FM 5 might be faster, but I own 4 don't have the money to move up. Not sure I need to anyway. Anyone can try see the slowness for themselves if they care to. Go to www.monroestreetbooks.com and "search our inventory" Steve T. - right now I'm doing 10 results on a page. I don't know if that's the problem. When I try a search out on the same machine, once I start the search I click into the products database and get a command icon with a blinking period. I used to get this until the results came up and it all happened fairly quickly. (Whenever I restarted I'd need to do a few searches to get everything indexed, but after that a search was fairly fast.) Now the icon gets replaced by an arrow and the system is frozen whenever it's doing a search. I used to be able to do other things while it was searching.Now I can't. I know when someone is searching because I can't do anything on the computer. I index all the fields because I thought that's how I would get the fastest results. Is this not true?
  15. I am using FM pro 4 with CHML on a G4, 450 processor. A client can enter through an ISP link and search a data base. It's been working fine for months now. But yesterday the search suddenly started taking forever and I don't understand why. Searching the data base on this computer is instantaneous. Using Explorer or Netscape to go to other sites is very fast. So I assume by themselves, each is okay. I use a specific port for access to the data base. The firewall allows for that. I use vicomsoft gateway to network several computers for internet access. This slowdown is bad for survival. Does anyone have any ideas of what might be wrong? The data base fields are indexed. The whole base if under 150 MB. I have many GBs of space available on my HD. Could I have unknowingly added something to the search script to slow it down? I have exhausted all the things to check that I know of. [color:"black"]

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