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    inline graphics with SMTPit

    Is it possible to use inline graphics in mails rendered by SMTPit without them being attached? I mean: I succeed to use inline graphics, but when I send a mail which contains them, they appear as attachment-files. What I want is what you can often see with ad-mails: they show graphics, but don't seem to use attachments for them. These graphics are really inline.
  2. Angelo Spiler

    overrule data from calculation field

    Thanks guys, the portal trick of Ugo is the best one that suits my needs. Especially the fact that one can't enter data in the price/working hours fields when I have overruled the calc. field is a bonus. As a newbie this will be a hell of a job to implement in my dbase, but I'll succeed in time.
  3. Angelo Spiler

    overrule data from calculation field

    Ah, one more little design issue. On selecting The Manual field, one sees all the entries in the modifiable fields (even when normally hidden by another field) which cannot be seen when you deselect the Manual field (Which is how it should be). I guess there's no way of the same appearance whether the manual field is selected or not.
  4. Angelo Spiler

    overrule data from calculation field

    Yes Lee, This is gonna do the job. Still have the idea (or better: wish) that there would be a more elegant solution, but as happy as I already am, I will implement this one. Thanks a lot.
  5. Angelo Spiler

    overrule data from calculation field

    Thanks Lee, The last solution (with another field on top and transparant) is the one we have to deal with. I tried this already and works quite well. But there is one caveat: If somebody has already filled in the working hours ad the price_hour, then naturally the calc. field will show the result. If I then later override this calculation by entering my data in the new field on top, there are two fields on top of eachother showing data. I could of course empty the fields which result in the calc. data, but I hope there is a better solution. One that would do the following: on the moment I enter data in the field on top, the working hours and the price_hour are automaticcaly emptied, so the calc. field would be empty too. This saves me the time of manually remove the data in those fields. Do you have any idea this is possible (or a solution alike)?
  6. This must have been an issue before, but can't find the solution. I have a calculation field (working hours x price/hour) but want to have the ability to overrule the outcome for this field. So actually I want to set new data in this calc. field. But as you may know, this is not possible with calc. fields. How can I make a solution for this. Tried lookup-fields, but don't think this is gonna work. option1@xs4all.nl

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