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  1. Is it possible to populate a "default.htm" page with records from the database without appending Filemaker parameters to the URL? I am trying to set up default.htm to carry 5 of the latest news articles from a database called news.fp5. I have added an inline action into the file but it doesn't seem to be working "[FMP-InlineAction: -db=news.fp5, -lay=main, -sortfield=date, -sortorder=descending, -max=5, -findall][/FMP-InlineAction]" Maybe I'm putting the inline action in the wrong spot in the file? Or maybe I can't do this? I'm just looking for to keep default.htm intact without having to redirect to a -find page or adding Filemaker parameters to the URL. Thanks, Mark Durgee
  2. Jeff, Thanks for your reply. That's what I was thinking of doing originally (using FMP-IF) but since my format page was a simple status update to the user (e.g. "The record has been submitted") it didn't seem like it would do what I wanted. But by using an FMP-INCLUDE, it is very much like having the ability to use multiple formats. Thanks again, Mark Durgee
  3. Not knowing a whole lot about Javascript, would I be going i nthe right direction doing something like this: <INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="-Dup" VALUE="Duplicate this record" onClick="document.myform.elements['-format'].value = myformat.htm"> Thanks, Mark Durgee
  4. Thanks everyone for your replies. Steve and Justin, let me clarify... I'm in the edit record page which contains two buttons - Submit and Duplicate. The format page is a "reply" page which basically tells the user of success or failure. What I wanted to do was to change the format page for the Duplicate button only. This would allow the user to immediately make some changes to the now new record. Garry, that's what exactly what I'm looking for. I have not seen that anywhere. Everything I've found so far pretty much says that there can only be 1 format page. Thanks, Mark Durgee
  5. Hi, I have a standard "record_detail" format with "submit" and "duplicate" buttons at the bottom. Hitting either button makes the appropriate changes to the database and calls the "record_detail_reply" format for to alert user. Is there a way to make the duplicate button instead call the "record_detail" format with the duplicated record opened? My users would like to be able to edit the new record immediately after hitting the duplicate button. Maybe set the button to perform an inline action? Just looking for a little guidance on how to do this. Thanks, Mark Durgee
  6. mdurg

    Pass blank date in URL search

    Garry, As always thanks for your reply. That didn't quite work but this did: &datedue==&-find. Your help is much appreciated. Mark Durgee
  7. I want to create a URL that does a search in my FM database (all set up and working correctly) that searches for a blank date. In this case datedue=(blank). How can I pass this along in a URL? I can get normal valid dates to work fine, but I don't know how to format a blank one. Thanks for any help, Mark Durgee
  8. Filemaker needs a virtual scripts directory to install 1 of it's files. Open up Control Panel -> Administration Tools -> Internet Information Services to tweak your website properties. Right click your website (usually called default website) From the flyout menu hit "New" then "Virtual Directory." The little wizard will guide you the rest of the way. Click "Next." Then for Alias, use "Scripts", now browse to your "inetpub/scripts" directory and use that as the target. Now reinstall web connector and you should be all set.
  9. Any dates from the web in the format of 10/24/03 are turning into 1903 instead of 2003 inside of Filemaker. The field is a normal text entry field in a CDML web page. Is there a setting inside of Filemaker or in CDML that would change that? Or should I try to validate the date with javascript on field exit? Thanks, Mark Durgee
  10. I just received shipment of FM Unlimited. There is supposed to be a disk in the box, right? I didn't get a disk. Also the user guide is for FM Pro. Isn't there on specific to FM unlimited and Web Connector? Thanks, Mark Durgee
  11. mdurg

    Web Connector and IIS

    So there is no way to pass NT authentication to FM? I'd like to avoid a user from having to log on to Windows and then have to log in to FM.
  12. I'm thinking of moving from FM6 Pro to FM unlimited to accomodate more users both internal and external. One of the questions I have is with using IIS with the web connector. My solution is hosted on an NT box with IIS. I like to know how the security databases interact with NT security. I don't want our internal users to have to type in a password since they are already logged into our domain. The internet users should have to log in to obviously keep unwanted people out. Can I use NT authentication only as a security strategy? Or do I have to use the web security databases in FM? Or can they be mixed? I'm asking the question because there is no trial version to check out. Otherwise I'd experiment a little first. Thanks for any help, Mark Durgee
  13. mdurg

    Javascript calendar pop-up

    Yeah the calendar looks cool, but I get errors when it "pops-up." This is using web companion (FMPro 6 PC, not Unlimited) and CDML format files. I have calendar1.js and calendar2.js in my web directory. [color:"blue"] <script language="JavaScript" src="calendar2.js"></script> is in the <head> section. [color:"blue"] <a href="javascript:cal5.popup();"><img src="img/cal.gif" width="16" height="16" border="0" alt="Click Here to Pick up the date"></a> is next to my date field. [color:"blue"] <script language="JavaScript"> <!-- // create calendar object(s) just after form tag closed // specify form element as the only parameter (document.forms['formname'].elements['inputname']); // note: you can have as many calendar objects as you need for your application var cal5 = new calendar2(document.forms['myform'].elements['DateIn']); cal5.year_scroll = true; cal5.time_comp = false; //--> </script> Is just outside the form per instructions. I click on the little calendar icon next to my date field. It launches the pop up window. But the pop up window is filled with "Not Implemented. The server does not support the functionality required to fulfill this request" Thanks, Mark Durgee
  14. I have downloaded and added a calendar pop up from www.softcomplex.com/products/tigra_calendar/ to my webpage. It calls a pop-up window with a calendar so a user can click a date and have it entered into the date field. But when the pop up is called, the window is created but then stops with this error: "Not Implemented The server does not support the functionality required to fulfill this request." Is there something with the web companion that does not support this? Is there a way around this? Thanks, Mark Durgee
  15. What would be some possible causes of a search hit list not returning a consistant number of items on each page? I have the max records set to 20 from the search page. The hit list will return 20 records on the first page, then less and less records on subsequent pages. Weird thing is the record status numbers at the top of the page are correct (for example records 1-20, or 21-40 records shown). The URLs for the next and previous link also appear to show the correct amount of skip to go to the next page. So I'm at a loss on why this is happening. Thanks, Mark Durgee

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