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  1. Hello there! I'm trying to get CDML to work with my FileMaker database, with no luck so far. My problem now is that when I try to submit a page with CDML using this: <form method="post" action="FMPro"> I get the message: No file exists at
  2. Well I would be OK with just letting it switch to the table view of that layout, but the buttons don't seem to work! I tried "Disable Field Entry" but that didn't seem to do anything. I can't even get the buttons to work within FileMaker (though they did work in List view). Any ideas?
  3. Hello everyone! First time poster - I hope you can help me out! I'm creating a slide database, and have made a layout for each stage of the search process: 1) Search - shows fields the person would be likely to use to search 2) Search Results - shows a list of thumbnails, and the appropriate fields 3) Slide View - shows the image, and the other relevant info. I put a button on the "Search" layout which process the search results and switches to the "Search Results" page. On the "Search Results" layout I made everything buttons (the thumbnail, the title, etc) which switches to "Slide View" layout. Everything works just fine and dandy on the FileMaker end, but when I try it online using the web companion, it insists on presenting the results to me in the "Table" view of the "Search Results" layout! When you click one of the entries, then it switches to the List view of the same layout of that ONE slide. If you click it, then it acts like I want my buttons to, and goes to the Individual Slide page. I've disabled Form and Table view for the "Search Results" layout, and it still goes to the table view. I've even added a step in the script that says "Switch to List View" but it still doesn't work! I even suppressed the web interface with no luck. Help! What can I do? Is there anything I can do within FileMaker Pro 6? Thanks so much, - Corey
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