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    Filemaker Developer Sending Email

    No...never thought of that...thanks for the advice...will try it!
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    Filemaker Developer Sending Email

    Hey all...I am using FileMaker Devekioer v6 to create a research collection database that is being distributed to some childcare facilities. They will enter their information and then send a copy of the database to us every month using the send email script. The problem is that I have only gotten the send email script to work about half the time, depending on the computer, operating system, etc. What can I do to ensure that the send email script will work for everyone, bearing in mind that most of the centers that we are working with have $0 to upgrade their operating systems and email systems, etc. I need something that will work with the database once I have turned it into a Filemaker Solution database also. Please help. I have been working on this database for MONTHS now and this is the only piece holding us up from distribution. Thanks, Jeffers

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