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  1. ok, what i mean is that i have a seperate database from our website, that we enter our product information into, then we export the information out of this database and into our website. Two of the fields on the database are Thumbnail image and Fullsize image. In these fields, we type the urls of each image for that product. Like for instance, for our product the XL-1s, the thumbnail field says "/imagessmall/xl-1s.jpg" because that is the link to that image for the website. Basiccally the same for the Full Size image, except the link would be "imageslarge/xl-1s.jpg" Now what I am trying to do, to make it easier for my guys checking over the products by having the actual images displayed in the FMP layout for each product. so i have created two containers, one for the thumbnail and one for the full size image. And I have been trying to link the contents of that container to the text that is in it's perspective text field, either thumbnail or full size. This is where i need help, I have tried pretty basic scripts but none of them are working, does anyone know how to do this? I have attached a preview of basically what I am looking for here.
  2. Sorry, I posted under scripts before and realized that this might be a better place for it, I will try to remove one of the post.
  3. Hey guys, I'm using Filemaker Pro 5, and I have a database of products for our website, and one of the fields is for the products thumbnail image, and one is for the full sized image. Right now in those fields we have the basic URL to each image, for example, "/imagessmall/07589.jpg" (no quotes) What I

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