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    Please help me

    Thank you, Ray!
  2. selfemployee

    Please help me

    I have two files: Order.fp5 and Customer.fp5. There is a field named "CustomerName" in Order.fp5. I made its format as "Pop-up menu" and used values from Customer.fp5. Now the problem is: there are 600 customers, the "CustomerName" list is too long to locate a customer. What I want are: 1. When I type a letter in "CustomerName" field, it narrows immediately and automatically the value list to those begin with that letter. Then second letter, it narrows again. 2. If what I input isn't on the list (which means no such customer), Order.fp5 should reject that data and require input again. How can I do that? Thanks in advance to anyone who help me! Ken
  3. selfemployee

    Carriage Return Marker help wanted

    To: Mark Dore I try your way again and it works now. I didn't use it correctly before. Now is OK. Thank you very much.
  4. selfemployee

    Carriage Return Marker help wanted

    To: BobWeaver, My FM's version is "FileMaker Pro Trial 6.0v1". There hasn't that symbol button in the calculation formula dialog. I enter calculation formula dialog by this way: File > Define fileds > choose "caculation" type > click "Create" > pop up a dialog window (is this one the calculation formula dialog?) To: Mark Dore, I want to import data from another ODBC source into my new empty database. I need join two ODBC source fields' content into one my filemaker field with the Carriage Return Marker between them. Customer prefer to use one button to accomplish import and join actions. I try your way, however it doesn't work in this circumstance.
  5. Hi everyone, I am new of FM. I have a entry question: how can I type the Carriage Return Marker into script? I try "Alt+0182", it doesn't work. I copy from other place but it become question marker("?") after I pasted it into my script. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance. Ken

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