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  1. Kip

    valuelist based on record

    hi eos, That's what I was looking for! Thanks so much!
  2. Hi, I've been looking on the forum for this, but i didnt find something that matched my 'problem' I am working on a booking/reservation database for a small hotel. I want to prevent rooms to be double booked. So what I am trying to figure out is how to create a conditional valuelist based on the information in other records. Let's say I have a field called: "date booking" with the data "23-07-2014" and a field called: "room name" with is filled in using the conditional valuelist (bullets) and has data "room 1" Now if there's a second ot third booking on the same date 23-07-2014 the valuelist should exclude the rooms already used: so room 1 or any other room is not selectable when already used in another record. How can I do this, or is there a better way? Kip!
  3. Brilliant! This did the trick. Thanks so much.
  4. Dear all, I am running a b&b and run into the following issue. I have a calendar with a check in date and a calendar with a check out date. The period of time selected into these calendars should result into the following: 1) number of weekend days (whereas weekend days are definable i.e. friday/saturday or saturdays/sundays) 2) number of work days (also definable: ie weekdays can be defined starting on either sunday or mondays) 3) a total of nights stayed. (check in date - minus check out date) I can't seem to find the way to calculate 1 and 2 and how to set this up. Anybody knows the trick for this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Wow @comment. It's working now. I don't know what that calculation does, but it's magic! Thanks so much.
  6. I have a similar question. We are running a B&B and are working with different rates on specific days. In this case I guess I need two calculations: number of days stayed on: sun, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday number of days stayed on: friday, saturday It took me hours to look and search. Above solution puts me to a direction, but I am not still getting it. Can someone help in how to do calculations for the two options? Thanks from a desperate B&B owner :)
  7. Kip

    Changing Name Of Pdf

    I'd use two variables: 1 for the path to save to & 1 for creating the new filename. To retrieve the desktop path of your device use get(documentspath) In a script this could look like: set variable ($$customer; value:table::yourcustomernamefield) set variable ($$path; get(DocumentsPath & $$customer & ".pdf" ) Than to save the pdf: Save records as PDF(restore;no dialog;"$$path";current record) Than use your email script to send the mail with the name you gave to the pdf. Should work... :)
  8. Thanks for all the kind input. I realize I'm thrown back to do a search :-) @vaughan: yep that is the current situation and that indeed results in an exact match, of which I am very aware ;-)
  9. duh.... Ofcourse I know you could use find. However, this is not what I want and not what I am asking...
  10. I have a recipe dbase, using o.a. the tables: - "recipes" and the table: - "search recipes". Both tables are related by the field "recipe name" (recipe name = recipe name) In the layout of "search recipes" I have the entry field "recipe name". Any entry entered in this field should generate results in the portal (from the table "recipes") So I want the entry "tomato" to deliver the results: tomato soup spicy tomato pie tomato soup 2 Or when I enter: "tomato soup" it should result in displaying: tomato soup tomato soup 2 I just cannot figure out how to do such a thing with FMPro 9.
  11. Kip

    Http request

    Hi Fenton, Thank you. For importing the data this will work. However, I dont need to import data into filemaker yet, I need to export my FM-data to an external http server/service with XML using the so called http request(?). I already have defined the output (using xsl to transform the export from filemaker into a correct xml. The next step should be that this xml can be uploaded or preferably exported directly to this http service. it should work on mac / xp Hope you can help me further. Thanks in advance.
  12. Kip

    Http request

    I'm sorry to be rather noobish at this subject. I need to do a http request with filemaker (8.5) and through this request communicate with xml. How can i do this?
  13. Ok it is working! After testing locally on the server it seemd to work fine. Your router remark reminded me to open the port 5003 on the router and after that it worked perfectly. Thanks for your help. Kip
  14. This is a very stupid question maybe...but I read the post hoping I could use it since we have the same situation but we couldnt manage with above info: -we are running filemaker server in a network. We can connect internally (directly) and externally (through IWP however, we want to connect outside the network using the remote dialogue so that we can open the file with a filemaker client (because IWP is too slow and has less options). However I dont have a clue how to connect using the dialogue and what steps to take. I am really a newbie on this so please be gentil Can someone help?
  15. Kip

    Exporting special characters to xml

    Hi Wim, Your question got me going and I finally found the answer to the problem. Thanks. I am using the troile plugin in order to append some doctype data to the xml (yep a work around). I used trfile_setcontents where i should have used trfile_appendcontents with "-encoding=UTF8" Thanks again for getting me going Kip

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