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  1. Hi there Hope someone has some practical advice about the best way to allow users to enter data in a multi-relational FMP database. I'm new to many-to-many relationships so will use the pupils/classes example quoted in the FileMaker manual, rather than boring you all with my industry-specific solution. Here goes ... I have a many-to-many relationship, with a pupils database connected to a classes database by a join file (because, as they note in the manual, many pupils can sign up to a single teaching class object, and a single class can in turn point to many pupils). However, when it comes to data entry in this solution, the teachers are less than happy, because - when they have to create a record saying that John wants to attend art class - they currently have to: (1) open the join file (2) enter the pupils database, do a find to locate John's pupil record, then copy and paste the unique serial number for the pupil (3) paste the pupil's unique serial number in the relevant field on the join file (4) open the classes database, do a find on the art class, copy and paste the unique serial number for the class (5) paste the class's unique serial number in the relevant field on the join file (6) bingo, the relationship is created and in the pupils database, the art class shows up in the portal on john's record, while in the classes database portal view, john is now shown as attending the art class. Originally to make selection easier in the join file, I did try to define the serial no. fields for classes and pupils using drop-down menu value-lists automatically populated by the pupil/class names in the two databases, but as the class database contains 15,000 records and the pupils database contains 30,000 records, and a drop-down menu with 10,000 names runs REAL slow and is almost impossible to navigate, I quickly abandoned this. It's never been a problem with a one-to-one relationship, as I always set up the portal view so that the user could create a new record (or edit an existing record) within the portal, so the 'teachers' never even needed to know they were making or editing a record in a different database. However, with FMP's many-to-many concept, I haven't worked out a way to let a teacher painlessly connect a pupil to a class, or vice versa. Any tips on how I could re-jig what I'm doing to make data-entry a little less painless? Ta all. Bobster

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