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  1. Hello All, I have a "case" record with a PK of case_ID that has a to-many relationship to an "event" that uses case_ID as its parent_ID. The "event" child has an event_ID as a PK which has several to-one relationships with different "event" detail records which in turn uses the event_ID as its parent_ID. (It also as case_ID assigned as case_number as information but not used in the relationship scheme.) Inside case I have a series of layouts that displays the details of a single event child at a time with "previous" and "next" arrows to show all the child event records - which are essentially grandchildren. I have a calculated value in case called child_id_for_pipeline which is the event_ID from the current event file. I use that calculated variable in a relationship between case and the event subrecords parent_ID and all that works fine. I can display, edit and scroll through the children and parents and all that. The only problem I have is that I can't search within those portals. I'm guessing because the value I use to establish the relationship is calulated it works fine for everything but searching - I always receive a "No records match that search" message with cancel and modify options. One solution I thought of is to make a second relationship that links case_ID to case_number in the grandchildren records and replicate the layout with this relationship when you press the "Find" button but I'd rather have a solution that works even if the user chooses the "find" shortcut rather than forcing people to use the button. Is there an easy solution I'm missing? Thanks, =Tod K
  2. hiredman

    Parent<->Child Report Questions

    Thanks for the response - I actually figured it out. Classic reporting from a child versus reporting from the parent problem. Was following the database creator's lead and following up on her half finished scheme. Shifted everything to the parent and the report worked fine after that.
  3. Hello All, I pretty experienced with databases but haven't worked with FM since version 4 way back when. My problem is that I have a complicated layout built from many related child fields, portals etc that someone else built. What I'd LIKE to do is create a report with some complicated running totals and things like that concerning variables that all come from a particular child. I have created all the variables and summaries I need but my problem arises in selecting the group of files to report from. What I'd like to do is let the users select a group from the front end they're used to and then let them choose a report button and have it generate the report. Selecting a group from the child the report generates perfectly but how can I essentially transfer the "found group" to the report? I feel like I must be missing something because this shouldn't be that hard to do. Anyone care to point me in the right direction? Thanks! =Tkk

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