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  1. Colm the Alchemist

    greyed-out buttons

    Please can someone tell me how to make a button appear greyed-out and un-pressable? I've come across it in a stand-alone database (from Developer), but I can't access the code. The idea would be to make a button "live" only when certain fields have been filled in. Can it be done without a plug-in? If not, what plug-in would I need? If I could trigger a layout from a field, I guess I could do it that way. But how?
  2. Colm the Alchemist

    Go to Related Record

    Thanks to everybody for your replies. After some discussion, it has been decided to hive off the payment tracking and support tables into separate databases. This will take me some time, as I'm doing it in my "spare time" (surely an oxymoron?!). As soon as I have, I will try out all your ideas and suggestions. And I'm sure I'll be back here when I do! I'd like to get a book or two, but my problem is I'm using FMPro 4. Does anyone know of anything suitable?
  3. Colm the Alchemist

    Go to Related Record

    Thank you all for your replies. Yes, I do have "CDML Reference", and the "CDML Tool". I also have FMPro 5.5, but am using 4 because of the hits-per-day restrictions of 5. (But thanks for your thoughts on that, Steve.) I've searched the Articles, Sample Files and CDML Forums, but not found anything useful. Some background: This is the membership database for Calder Connect Co-operative (www.3-C.CoOp), a local (West Yorkshire, UK) community-based broadband ISP, which we've set up as a co-op (as far as we know, the first in the UK). The database was originally going to be available online through FileMaker itself, but I found it was so unbearably slow, it was unusable. So I need to build this web interface. But time is not on my side, as we are already taking orders, and our workers need to use the database. This was not part of the plan! I'm sure I could find the answers if I had all the time in the world, but I don't. If anyone can tell me *how* to do this, rather than where to look, I would be very, very grateful. And I'm sure it would be useful for other newbies, too. What I'm trying to do is this: 1) list all members according to search criteria (members.fp3) 2) display details for each member (members.fp3) 3) display all the "problems" for that member (problems.fp3) - not as a portal, because I'll need to go down another level, to "actions.fp3" NB. "members.fp3" and "problems.fp3" have a one-to-many relationship, using the numeric field "member_key" in members.fp3, and "member_match" in problems.fp3. I've done (1) and (2), but I'm completely stuck on (3). There's other stuff I want to do too, but I think the answers to them will be in the Forum. Just not this one!
  4. Colm the Alchemist

    Go to Related Record

    Hi fellow FMPro people! I've been using FileMaker for over ten years now, but am only just starting to explore the custom web interface. I have a 14-file (and growing!) database, which I want to be able to interrogate online. So far I've achieved a search, a table, and a form with portals. Simple stuff, but I need to know how to do two things: 1) How to "Go to Related Record" 2) How to use a script that contains "Go to Layout" I can't find anything in either the FMPro or CHP help about this. I'm using FMPro 4. Many thanks.

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