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  1. Would anyone know if it's possible to run the FMSA9 Web Publishing Engine on a Snow Leopard Server? We have a two machine configuration, both OS X 10.5 Server, with FMSA9 on one and the WPE on the web server. I'd like to upgrade to 10.6 but without the time or expense of upgrading Filemaker Server. I'm aware that FMS9 itself will not run on 10.6 but I'm hoping that doesn't apply to the WPE
  2. From my similar experience (on Mac OS X Server), I would say it could be a firewall problem but could equally be a DNS problem. To see if it is the firewall, either open all ports between the two machines, turn on logging on your firewall for both allowed and denied packets between the two servers, attempt to deploy the WPE and you will soon see on which ports connections are being attempted. In my case, I found there was no problem at all with the firewall. It appears that (at least on the Mac Servers) a Fully Qualified Domain Name is required on BOTH machines for the WPE to work. The FM Web Publishing app simply refused to start until this was set up.
  3. Well, I have finally got this sorted! I admit I was expecting the worst from Filemaker Tech Support having read some of the tales on this forum, but they were in fact pretty helpful, pointing out that there was a DNS problem (although they were unable to give any more detail than that). One guy at UK support has been particularly keen to help, chasing up my case with the developers in the US attempting to find a solution. Anyway, Apache and system logs indicated that the server was unable to verify a fully qualified domain name. Although we do not control our DNS, I was able to free up a couple of IP addresses that have FQDN and to set up both XServes on these addresses. If anyone is having similar problems, remember to use changeip and edit the hosts file to ensure that IP addresses and hostnames are all correct. I found it necessary for BOTH servers to have FQDN for the set-up to work (having previously attempted the connection with just the webserver with FQDN).
  4. 1. The OD master is not currently running on the Filemaker Server machine, but can you be more specific as to why they shouldn't both run on the same machine? 2. All ports are open, not just the ones on the Filemaker list. The same machines both connected on the same network (as opposed to via the firewall) still cannot connect properly (see original post).
  5. OD is not the problem - my current installation does not have an OD master running at all, although I would like to use one in future. On the LAN because it has all the IDs and passwords which we don't want exposed to the internet, and on one of the two Mac OS X 10.5 XServes because they cannot use an earlier version of the OS as an OD master. Both FMS and Apache are running and can be connected to without issue. The only database running is FMServer_Sample. This is a very basic install, nothing fancy
  6. I am currently revisiting the problem of installing FMSA9 in a two machine configuration. These are both brand new XServes running Mac OS X Server 10.5.3, with FMSA My last attempt at this (way back in January) was abandoned after it became clear that we were using under-spec machines and we rolled back to FMSA8. Originally we attempted to install the webserver/wpe on the DMZ and FM Server on the LAN, with all ports on the firewall open between the two machines and no internal firewalls running. The only other service on the FM Server is Open Directory, while the webserver is also running Apache 2.2 and AFP. The installation appeared to go smoothly enough on both machines. On first starting the Admin Console it displays the correct IP address or the database server but after deploying web publishing, the Admin Console only displays the IP address of the web server, showing only "localhost" for the database server. Attempting to connect to Instant Web Publishing returns a "Forbidden" error message. Attempts to connect to php custom web publishing return "Maximum number of database sessions exceeded (956)" error. This is a test suite only - there are no other sessions in use. At this point we called in Filemaker certified consultants who helped establish that it was not a firewall issue, and raised a case with Filemaker Tech Support (case number 909929 for those who are interested). From the log files I sent, Support suggested that the problem was due to bad DNS settings, although I am awaiting clarification as to what appears to be wrong with them (and it would be nice if error messages actually said what the error was, but hey, you can't have everything!). As our ISP provides the DNS its slightly out of my hands anyway, but I can't tell Cable & Wireless to sort out their DNS unless I have some idea of what's wrong with it. As I had changed IP addresses on the webserver a number of times during our tests (which may have made the logs somewhat confusing) I re-installed the entire system - the end result was identical. The only DNS error that stands out now is that reverse dns does not resolve the ip address to a Fully Qualified Domain Name. Is this an undocumented requirement to run FMSA9? Perhaps I need a test.domain.com address just for testing Filemaker as I am obviously unwilling to try this out on a production server. We have also attempted this installation (another completely fresh install) with both servers on the LAN and, of course, that particular dns error persists because there is no DNS server on the LAN. Once again the install appears to go smoothly although this time it appears the FM Web Publishing app refuses to start and after deployment the web server shows in the Admin Console but with a communication error reported in red. Does anyone have an example of a configuration like this running? How did they test it without a FQDN? Sorry if this has been a bit of a rant, but short of setting up my own DNS (which seems a bit much just to test the software) I am running out of ideas here.
  7. All the ports in that document are open. According to a detailed "snoop" at the firewall, the only traffic is on port 16000, in which the FMServer sends a packet to the webserver/WPE, which responds with a FIN. Is that the normal behaviour? Shouldn't there also be port 5003 traffic when the webserver makes a request to FMSA?
  8. No, fortunately not yet, as it turns out to have been a firewall issue after all. I have yet to pinpoint exactly which port is the problem, but bypassing the firewall completely has revealed that both IWP and CWP are working fine. I will post an update once I know the details. Well a couple of hours later I am none the wiser. As explained above I have added the new ports (16000, 16001) detailed in the FM Tech Info document to the firewall policy which worked for FMSA8 but things remain stubbornly unavailable. If NetForest happens to read this perhaps you could let me know exactly how you solved it.
  9. Well at least I'm not alone! And I suppose I should be grateful that I have only been attempting this since the end of last week. See my post in the FMSA forum for more. Please let us know if you make any progress with this. As I have the servers either side of a firewall FM Tech have just called me back to suggest I try bypassing the firewall to eliminate that from the equation, although the logs don't appear to show anything untoward, so I will keep you posted.
  10. I am getting desperate here! I have done a complete reinstall of both FM Server and the web publishing engine. On a single server setup (FMServer, FM Web Publishing and Apache all on one server) both IWP and php work ok (after commenting out the mod_jk.conf line in httpd.conf, anyway). However, I continue to have problems with the two server setup (which worked fine with FMSA 8). The database server is situated on the LAN, the webserver on our DMZ. Every TCP port between 16000-16018 has been opened between the two machines and firewall logs indicate that traffic is passing from FMS9 to webserver on port 16000, each connection ending with TCP FIN. On the webserver, fmi/iwp is redirected to https, port 443. Again this worked very well for FMSA8. However, browser requests for the IWP test page now receive the "Forbidden" message mentioned above. Other files on that port/domain remain accessible. Even with the redirect removed, the error remains the same. The php test page is now returned (some progress!) but includes an error message stating: "This Web Publishing Engine already has too many active sessions. Using FileMaker Server Admin, increase the number of Web Publishing Engine sessions, disconnect an active session, or wait a while for more sessions to become available. (Error 956; Maximum number of database sessions exceeded." For obvious reasons, this is the only active session so I'm not quite sure what this means. On the webserver, in the pe_application_log.txt, the error 403 is reported: "2008-01-14 07:41:27 +0000 FM Web Publishing - - wpc1 queueing privileged task wc::KillDeferredTasks with address 0x02443890 ( obj == 0x02443894 ) into queue sOnStaticExit 2008-01-14 07:41:28 +0000 FM Web Publishing - - wpc1 queueing privileged task wc::PoolingSchedulerImpl with address 0x024437A4 ( obj == 0x024437B4 ) into queue sOnStaticExit 2008-01-14 07:45:16 +0000 FM Web Publishing - - wpc1 queueing privileged task wc::KillDeferredTasks with address 0x02443890 ( obj == 0x02443894 ) into queue sOnStaticExit 2008-01-14 07:45:17 +0000 FM Web Publishing - - wpc1 queueing privileged task wc::PoolingSchedulerImpl with address 0x024437A4 ( obj == 0x024437B4 ) into queue sOnStaticExit 2008-01-14 07:46:38 +0000 FM Web Publishing - - wpc1 Error: 403." From what I have read, this means "Exceeding maximum record limit for trial version of Filemaker Pro". We don't have any trial versions of Filemaker or the server running. The pe_internal_access_log shows: " - - 2008-01-14 07:52:59 +0000 "/fmi/conf/config.wpc" 401 0 - fmsadmin 2008-01-14 07:52:59 +0000 "/fmi/conf/config.wpc" 200 2243." I presume that is an error 200, record access denied. The stderr file shows: "sh: line 1: /Library/FileMaker Server/Database Server/bin/fmserver_helperd: No such file or directory." Is this relevant? I have been through this with Tech Support and my problem has been "escalated", but any help someone here may be able to give would be most gratefully received!
  11. Hi, did you find a solution to this? We have just upgraded from Server 8 Advanced (with FX.php, php API and IWP all working well) to FMSA 9 and I am having the exact same problem. I can confirm that although there were additional ports to open, in this case it is not a firewall issue. The FMSA9 installation on the web server appeared to be incomplete, with php files referenced from the test page that were missing or misplaced. Placing the most obvious files where they were expected to be returned the 956 error - I guess there may well be other files that are still missing. What should be installed and where? In addition, a test of IWP returns a "Forbidden, you do not have access to this server" message. However, I can access the iwp home page URL, although it does not load the database list. I gather that this is handled by Tomcat. What and where should the apache-tomcat connecter be and how is it loaded? There does not appear to be any reference to it in httpd.conf. The database server appears to be fine, with FMPro clients accessing as normal, and the Admin Console reports everything (including web server and WPE) as normal.
  12. FM Server is NOT running under a logged on user account and the account that installed it has full admin privileges. "FMServer" is not even an account that I recognise (although the short name "fmserver" applies to the "fmserver User" system account). Regarding the instances of a user remaining connected when thinking they have disconnected, if this is indeed happening, why should this cause a license key conflict with someone with a unique license key? And how do they ensure they are properly disconnected in future? Incidentally, as our workgroup comprises only 10 users, of which five were upgrades and five were new installs, a volume license key seems to be overkill (unless Filemaker are offering some better deals now!).
  13. We have a workgroup with FMP9 installed, all with unique license keys, on a mix of boxes running Mac OS X Tiger. All of them (bar one which would require a separate post) run FMP9 with no problem - for local (on same HD) databases. However, when attempting to connect to files hosted on FMSA8.0.4 over the LAN, several of them report a "License key conflict with user FMServer". It does not appear to be a problem with the databases as this occurs even with an unaltered version of one of the FMP9 sample files. The main thing these problem machines have in common is that FMP9 was installed under a different OS X user account than the one which is attempting to use it. The original user account can connect without a problem. This is regardless of whether the user has admin privileges or not - in one case the admin user cannot connect whereas the standard user can. Deleting the Filemaker preferences for the problem user has no effect, but if a new user account is created, it is able to connect to the server. However, I would rather avoid this if at all possible. Connecting to the server-hosted databases works fine with all machines/accounts using FMP8. So my question is, what's going on? And more importantly, does anyone have any idea how to solve it?
  14. Accessing the admin pages over ssl shouldn't be a problem, but the WPE ID and password are not accepted. However, as Yerin was told by FM Support, the admin SHOULD be over port 80. This has no bearing on how the end users will access the pages. Personally I have used apache mod_rewrite and mod_alias to ensure that all requests to /fmi/iwp (at any domain) now go to the correct domain on port 443.
  15. I've tried that one unfortunately. I have two domains on one OS X 10.4 Server, one uses ssl for secure connections, the other is an open website. If I carry out the setup over port 80 for the secure domain (ssl disabled) and then turn ssl back on, I can indeed log in using ssl .. but I can also log in to the databases on port 80 (of either domain) as the Web Admin Console picks up the IP address only, not the domain. Specifying the Publishing Engine as being on a different server (with the name of the https domain) doesn't seem to stop port 80 access either. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Does anyone know of a solution to this
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