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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I will try what you suggested after reviewing the the info on the link.
  2. I'm using a G5 / OS 10.4 and fm is up to date. I created a self join with the financials table. I enter data into the second instance and it updates records in the portal(the original table) All other fields update except the calc. I can't/haven't figure it out..?? yet
  3. How about using the Case function in place of the If
  4. Hello! I have a calc field that determines a discount based on a global field that represents the registration fee of a "league type" and the actual fee paid. It is unstored, and in a table called "financials" I have a "players" layout with a portal for financials. Now here's what's driving me bonkers.. The calc works fine when I open the app and use it on a windows machine. However, on a Mac it will not work. If I go directly to a financial layout(not to the portal) and enter data, it works just fine(on the mac)but not on the players layout. Can someone make a suggestion as to what might be the problem, or where to begin trouble shooting. Thanks.
  5. Tmonk

    Importing date fields

    Sorry about not answering the feb 11 question. Looking through the date field in my exported file it appears as "2006 211". I am going to try your suggestions. Thanks!
  6. Tmonk

    Importing date fields

    I have no control over how the customer program formats its data when exporting. I am trying to take that data and import it into a fm app. However, what is happening on export is that all the date info is formatting two ways at the same time . Some records show up as "mm/dd/yyyy" (12/21/2006) and others "yyyy mmdd" (2006 111). I don't know why this is and I have no control over it. When I try to import this field into a fm app all the "yyyy mmdd" dates are left blank for that record. Since the date is formatted in two different ways across all the records I'm looking for a way to correct that on import.
  7. I'm trying to create a program that will take the data from our custumer management app and allow us to run a monthly tax due report. However, when the "payment date" data is exported from the custumer management app(not a fm app) it is formatted in one of two ways in the same field. Ex. 12/1/2006, which imports into my fm app fine, but the other way it is formatted,ex. 2007 112, does not. The program dumps the data in dbf format. Is there a way that during the import data step, I can change the date to import properly. Thanks
  8. Hi!I am having a problem with a calculation not working with the layout I need it to work on. I have 2 tables, Player, and Financial. There is a second instance of Financial called "Enter Financial". I have a layout whose primary table is Player. There is a portal where records from financial are listed. I have fields on my "Player Layout" where I enter data in fields from "Enter Financial" which then update my financial fields in the portal. No problem there...EXCEPT a calculation(calc discount) that is supposed to update a field called "discount" which doesn't work. However, if I create a layout with Financial as my primary table, and enter data into the fields, the calculation works fine, and updates the "discount" field in my financial table. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  9. Sorry, after rereading my original post I don't think I explained myself well. What I'm looking for is the first part of the count. Record (x) of 5 or (x) of 9. So that the user can scroll from the first record (1) to the last.
  10. I would like to emulate the records counter on the staus bar w/o the bar. I've used Status (current found count) which shows me the correct found set of records. But if I use Status( current record number) it will only give me the proper record number of the found set in browse mode if all records are available. Fer instance, when I perform a find the total number of found records count is correct but the record number (1 of3, 2of3, etc. reflects the record number of the record in the "complete" record set. Any suggestions?
  11. I have a script that is returning "no records found" even when it finds records. When I remove the steps with my message box it runs fine but doesn't tell the user if no records were found. I've attached it as a pdf. Can someone explain what step(s) are incorrect. CoachInfo.PDF
  12. Tmonk

    scripting reports

    OK. Please bear with me as I try to underdstand. Even though I have a relationship setup between my main file and the registration file and the portal used on my main file layout accuratley displays related info; a perform find will not be able to see the related info from my related file? (sorry for the long sentence) Could you elaborate for me what a filtered portal and list layout are ? Thanks for your help.
  13. Tmonk

    scripting reports

    All key fields are indexed and stored and same type(text,auto enter a serial number). My main file "player info" has a relationship with a file named "registration info". I would like to run this report from my main file because it has all the layouts there. What i can't understand is when I open the Registration file and create a report/ layout I can enter the date ranges and it works fine. I should note that when I manually enter the date ranges on my Main(player info) file I get the same results as if I run the script. I'm totally confused.
  14. Tmonk

    scripting reports

    Interesting. I have tried all of your checks. The script is passing the date range into the field properly but still returning all records, rather then just those in the date range. Also, when dates are entered manually, I get the same result! I have my payment field set up as a date field with strict 4 year validation. Does it matter that some of the files, including the Payment date field are in a related file? When I tried making a report in the Registration "Paid file" I seem to have no problems. However, when I try running the report from my Master file it just doesn't work.Could it be a relationship setup error?

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