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    Quantity price break lookup question

    Tom: Thanks for your help. Everything works great with the addition of a "Max. Quantity" and "Max. Quantity Price" field to handle anything over a particular range. Wow, that took all day to figure out, when I thought it was going to take an hour or two... Whew. I ended up with hilarious calculation results like "2.005000" for a relational index. Again, thanks a million. JP
  2. jpelkey

    Quantity price break lookup question

    OK, I think that's the right track; thank you. But there's one catch: It also needs to match the Product_ID as well. So, for example, in my "Quantities" file I have 6 records that relate to Product_ID 001 (so Product 001 uses 6 quantity breaks) and I have 4 records that relate to Product_ID 002 (4 breaks), and in my "Line Item" file, I have a drop-down for "Product_ID" and a field for "Quantity." I need to be able to enter Product "001" and Quantity "12", and have it look-up the correct number. As it stands right now, its not actually separating the product IDs, so if I have Product 002 selected, it may still take a price from Product 001 breaks. Thoughts? JP
  3. Hello again. I have another serious issue. It seems like I end up trying to do the hardest things possible. Anyway, here is the dilemma (in as plain o' english as I can muster...) I want to create a system that allows an end-user to select a product, enter a quantity, and then have the system look up a quantity break unit price. In other words, for each product, there are breaks: 1-5 = .15, 6-9 = .14, 10-19 = .13 and so on, and if you enter 7 into the quantity field, the system returns .14 for the unit price. Now, the reason I posted this in the Portals forum is because I have it set up where there is a file called "Products," and a file called "Quantites" that are related by Product_ID. The quantites file is a huge file that stores a "qty_low," "qty_high," and "Unit" fields for each product. I did it this way because some products may not use quantity break pricing, some may use only 3 breaks, and some may use 20. I am stuck at figuring out how to move the unit price from the "Quantities" file to the "Line Items" file without using a script; calculations or lookups only. Help. JP
  4. jpelkey

    Performing auto-lookup during import

    Fitch: Thank you! Actually, right before you posted that, I figured it out. The only annoying part is that I think you can only store one Import/Export order per script, so I had to make a script called "Second Import" that does the second import and the Relookup. Wow, what a mess! But, thanks to your input, I think its working. Thanks again! JP
  5. jpelkey

    Performing auto-lookup during import

    Well, that works, but there's another complication: The "Item" category also looks-up a "Unit Price" so if I disable "Auto-enter" on the second import script, the unit price doesn't get looked-up. Is there anything else that might work?
  6. OK here's a strange thing, and as usual, I will do my best to explain it. First, I am using FM 6, and I have a conditional pop-up menu. I have a "Item_Category" field that dynamically changes the "Item" field. The value list is an "Only Related Items" list. Now, the catch is that I have the "Item" field set to Auto-enter a lookup so that you can't change the "Item_Category" field and accidentally leave the "Item" field unchanged; "Item" jumps to the first item in the newly-changed value list (the value list is set to include only related items). I hope that makes sense. Okay, now here's the actual problem. I have a script that imports "Matching Field Name" records from another database. The script is set to perform auto-number, lookups, etc, upon import. But what happens is that the "Item" field gets the looked-up item described above, rather than the value from the imported file. Is there any way to perform all other auto functions on import EXCEPT lookups? Or are there any ways to work around this?
  7. Thanks UGO. Your assistance was very helpful. What I ended up doing isn't very efficient, but there were 10 items in my list with multiple words in each item, so your method seemed confusing to me. However, I completely glazed over the "choose" function for some reason. So, what I did was create an "index" value list from 0 to 9 and used that for my data entry, then hard-coded the other list items into the script using "Choose()" to return the correct list item. I know it sounds sloppy but it made more sense to me. Thanks for your putting me on the right track!
  8. Hello FM Community. I am a decent FM developer, yet I have come across a problem. I believe the answer is slapping me in the face but I can't feel it. OK, I hope this isn't something ridiculous, but here goes: 1.) I have a radio-button list called "status" 2.) The user selects a button "made first phone call" I want to have a second calculation field called "next step" in which the next item in the value list is selected. I can't seem to find any function that lets you directly reference a specific index in the value list, like " myValueList[5] " would return the fifth item in the value list, or " myValueList[#next] " or something like that. Please help!

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