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    Need FMP Writer

    I hope this is not an inappropriate vehicle to post a notice for a software writer. I don't know where else to turn to find a gifted FM genius. I have spent 13 years writing a FileMaker program for my business which is accessed through the internet. It utilizes 25 databases. I need to hand this off to someone who can continue to enhance the program and continue as IT director. The job is in Columbus, OH, although I'd discuss remote administration. Platform: / Version: FileMaker Version: Platform: / Version: FileMaker Version:
  2. Broker Bruce

    Page Breaks

    I've, obviously, missed the basics of FM4 printing. For years, I've tried to figure out how to cause a page break when writing on more than one page. This has to be so easy that I'll laugh all day when I hear the solution. Thanks

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