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  1. I posted this because somehow I'd expected Filemaker to include some sort of WYSIWYG table-data-sync like excel; when I look for features and cannot find them I rarely presume that the features just aren't there in the first place! @comment: The scrape file seems straightforward, thank you. Since my randomly chosen scenario was over-simplified, can you please take a look at the Brisbane Weather page for the next 7 days and tell me if the GetLayoutObjectAttribute function could still somehow be used with all the multiple field values? I magine I'd have to repeat something like your "Scrape" script multiple times. I remember once (in a government website job, limited in what tools I had available), I did a two-step scrape of a table via Google Docs. As with Excel, inelegant but worked. Sorry, I meant XHTML, not XML.
  2. I know how to do it using php (fopen,fread and fprint) and insert, I could also probably use page-scraping via Curl;I could probably manage it via an intermediate step. I could also do it in excel and script an import into Filemaker - again a two-step process; a pain and error-prone. But it's a snap in excel I thought it would be a sought-after feature in FMP . @bcooney - the page's xml as presented on the site is all I need; in the past I've used Yahoo's currency exchange rates to add to an Excel spreadsheet of my own holiday budget. After a week or so the Indonesian Rupiah rate goes up, my Excel database refreshes and automatically displays how much my daily Bali holiday allowance will be for each item: banana smoothies, massages and house by the beach. I'll look up what ESS IS. @comment Can you give me a better idea of ho to use GetLayoutObjectAttribute() ? For example, If wanted the "Slogan of the Day" from http://home.exetel.com.au/re/ to appear in a database field, how would I connect to that URI and parse out the slogan text from: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html> <head> <meta content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" http-equiv="Content-Type"> <title>We only subsist.</title> </head> <body> <br> We only subsist.<br> </body> </html>
  3. This must have been answered before, but.. In a spreadsheet, eg Excel, it is possible to populate a table using data from a table in a web page. Can this be done in Filemaker Pro?
  4. Hi. Tours involve a number of parameters and I doubt there's any easy way to avoid a fairly simple, normalised database. e.g. try a table called "availabilities" Fields: availabilityID GuideID Startdate Enddate conditionsID ReasonID I hope you get the idea; the tour itself has a start and end date. From there you work towards a drop-down list of "availabilities" for that date. Hope this helps. Steve
  5. I have built a MySQL booking system to be used online by about 20 users all over Australia. Users can go online and see a calendar of their bookings. The problem with these systems is always this: Users take some bookings online from the public - but others over the phone. So they keep two sets of books. There are double-bookings, etc. I've considered using AJAX to send users an Ical format calendar to synchronise with outlook. But I'd much rather send all the users their own desktop filemaker executables which would synchronise/dump MySql Data. That way I can get some compliance from the users who may use Macs or who will not pay for a full Filemaker licence for their desktop. Anybody tried anything like this? Steve
  6. goanna300

    Windows XP SP2 Workaround?

    Does FMForums have friends in high places? Probably a coincidence, but after waiting 6 months for SP2 and Filemaker 8, we are getting both installed as I write! Whichever of you has the ear of the Dept Director, thanks!!
  7. goanna300

    Windows XP SP2 Workaround?

    Yes, It goes without saying that a contract is drawn up and all subsequent communication is also in writing. Both Filemaker developers have had the rug pulled out from under us by an uncooperative Government client. Members of the public would have legal recourse - but not we contractors. My most successful technique in other such cases has been to carefully re-read procedures and find a lateral procedure which they cannot stop us from using... Which is why I am looking to an SP2 work-around. (The Mac idea is one of the outside-the-box ideas which is on the right track!) Steve (big sigh)
  8. goanna300

    Windows XP SP2 Workaround?

    Why don't the clients install SP2 for Windows XP? Oh, if only I didn't have a big Government Client! I could ask them - and if I persevere, they may launch an enquiry. Or a Royal Commission. ("Yes, Minister") They are still using Filemaker 4, and may do so inefinitely. We contractors must always remember 2 things: 1) The customer is always right; 2) There is more than one way to skin a cat.
  9. goanna300

    Windows XP SP2 Workaround?

    We cannot deploy a FP7 (Filemaker 8) solution for a client because they cannot install SP2 on their XP client machines. (!) Is there a workaround? Steve
  10. goanna300

    System Date problem

    It's OK - Problem solved. [The calc fields were in the header of a list view; I was able to make them work when the list was populated with data*] -I must confess don't know or really care what went wrong any more; we have convinced the Dept to upgrade to FP7. Now I work in FP7 it's amazing to look back at my past flat-file work and look at the convoluted calc-fields I had to do!) Steve
  11. I have a System date problem with some dates: I host an FP3 database by peer sharing on an XP network with other XP users. Client machines show the correct date calculations; Host machine will show only a "?" with the same date calc fields; If I go back to a previously saved version of the databse, the date calc fields display OK; If I delete all records from that previously-saved version and then re-import current data, the problem re-appears; The "Use system formats" script step has not helped. Steve
  12. goanna300

    Dynamic Layouts?

    As one who works more in dynamic web design, I often return to Filemaker expecting to find in the Filemaker interface some of the dynamic layout features of, say, PHP include (or even a frameset). What I miss is being able to make, say, a menu bar of buttons with their links and have them appear in a number of other layouts. When I change one page, all pages should reflet that change automatically. I have experimented with convoluted merge values for buttons and their labels - but found them all wanting. As I embark on a big new upgrade of a 4-year-old database, I am ever more conscious of the need for elegance (in the economic sense). Has anyone any brilliant suggestions? Steve
  13. goanna300

    Advantages of multi file solution

    I totally agree with Kent, whose ontribution on separation is the simplest I've yet seen- and long-awaited. Like Kent, I'd really like elaboration on all counts: 1) Why one-file solutions are no good for larger databases. (I assume you mean one *data* file *plus* one GUI; 2) The 4-file solution explanantion. (see Kent's post) Steve
  14. goanna300

    Another Custom privilege-view field by user type

    Sorry, my fault for not making myself clear: The calc field answer I got was the same as my suggestion of what I know how to do anyway; comment's idea of doctor's priveleges was more of what I am trying not to do. I'll try to be clearer: In my solution of few layouts but many users, each user has the impression that the layout they see is their own (own name, colour,department). I cannot define privileges by layouts because there would be too many layouts. But I still need to hide certain field values from some users. Neither forms of permission will do the trick. I was thinking of something more elegant than a calc field. (Oh bugger, this is starting to remind me of the old "show different fields on the same layout" wish-list item). Steve
  15. I'm trying to enable users to view fields according to their values. I don't want to make the field inaccessible altogether. something more elegant than this untested calc field: If ( Left ( g.CurrentUser 6="doctor"), "Blood Test shows"&bloodtestresult , "CONFIDENTIAL" ) I'm sure this has been covered before, if so please just indicate previous post. Steve

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