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    defining relationships on many-to-many

    your suggestions definitely solved my technical problem - now that I've had some time to play with it and try to get it working. thanks so much. but now, I'm concerned about how to make it work from a practical perspective. your suggestion would mean that every time I create a new marketing activity - say a mass mailing to 200 people for example, that means I need to do two things - 1) somehow get the contact IDs for all 200 people into the multi-key field on the marketing activity record 2) and get the marketing activity id added to each contact record for each of the 200 people any ideas how to streamline or automate this in some way?? I don't think manual data entry is going to work considering the frequency and size of the mailings we plan on doing. I would love to get some tips!! thanks, Carrie-Andrea ca@accentmortgagecorp.com
  2. Carrie-Andrea M

    defining relationships on many-to-many

    Hi there, I'm very much a beginner in the many-to-many relationship arena. I've tried reading other people's postings and I'm still stuck on this subject because it's so new to me. I would love to hear any advice someone could offer on my specific situation. here's the deal... I have a contact database and a database of marketing activties (i.e. a mailing, call campaign, email campaign, etc.). On the contact database, I have a layout set up with a portal to view all marketing activities linked to that contact. On the marketing activity database, I have a portal set up to view all contacts linked to that marketing activity. each contact has a unique contact ID and each marketing activity has a unique activity ID. so my problem is: how in the heck do I set up these match fields and where do the various fields actually live (vs. portals that just view it from where it lives)? I tried setting it up so that the match field is the activity ID but that means that each contact can only be linked to one marketing activity. similarly, I know I don't want the relationship based on contact ID, because then each marketing activity can only be linked to one contact. does anyone have any helpful insight? I would also love to find a book that has a bunch of examples of how these many-to-many relationships work. any recommendations? Thanks so much!! -- Carrie-Andrea ca@accentmortgagecorp.com

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