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  1. We have existng files that we than assign numbers to as they become active. I can not figure out how to have the field pull in the next available number when we activate the file. Could someone please advise me if its possible and how
  2. We run an auto auction and use fm 5.5 for the inventory and are moving to use for actual auction. What is the best way to protect the original inventory but have the sale information up date into db including sale, buyer info. we have database for customer and inventory that work indenpendently but i am concerned about have a db for the sale and having the ablility to pull the car inventory from the original db and then update the sale info back into the original db. I am willing to study info just dont know where to start. We are already running the customer to inventory just to print paperwork for dmv but wish to add the ability to register bidder (from customer db) and clerk sales (of inventory from original db) and produce receipt for customer with all cars purchased (that auction db) and update sale info in original db.. Am I out of my mind?
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    Thank you... obsorbing every thing as fast as i can
  4. How do i write the calculation dependant on the fact that 1 field is with in a certain number range and a second field is a selected value ie smog ok or no smog and what the equation is based on the combintation of those values. ie if lot number is 500...599 or 700...899 and is smog ok field +$40 if lot number is 600...699 and is smog ok or no smog filed =$0
  5. How do i protect the intregrety of a customers address at the time of the sale, and be able to update my mailing system. I am running 5.5 and have the customer db seperate from the main db. Sales are entered in the main db at time of purchase on a look up and then updated as needed.

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