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    Compiling Plug-in

    Hi All-- I'm having an issue where the example plug-in (FMExample) does not load on *certain* XP machines, when I compile it. Most of the XP machines load the plug-in just fine, but there are a few that do not. I have not altered the example code in any way-- just compiled it using Visual Studio 2003. When the users go to Edit > Preferences > Plug-ins, the plug-in does not appear in the list. The permissions are identical to those who are able to see the plug-in, so I don't think it's a permissions issue on the machines. Also, the already-compiled plug-in that was provided by FMI does load, so it seems to be pointing to a compiler setting that I must be missing. Does anyone know why this would be happening on just a few machines? Thank you! Greg
  2. Girwin

    Resizing body/header areas not working?

    In a case like this, I usually find that I've left an empty text block or white line or some other extraneous object near the bottom of the header. When you try to drag the part seperator over it, it stops at the bottom-most object in that part. Selecting all objects on the layout usually helps identify the object that is preventing the resize. You can either delete or resize the object, or hold your option key down while you drag the seperator over it, leaving that object in the body while shrinking the header.
  3. Girwin

    Newbie Question

    You'll have to change the relationship that portal is using. In the Edit Relationships window, uncheck the box on the related table's side that says "allow creation of records in this table via this relationship." That feature is quite useful when you don't want your users to have to click a "create new" button to add a new row in the portal, but you can turn it off easily enough.
  4. Thank you both for replying. My headache is over! It turns out that, as Cobalt suggested, I had removed the extensions and therefore changed the filename during binding. Your suggestion of calculating the filename dynamically works like a charm. Thanks again!
  5. One way would be to change the field type of Primary Code to text. It can still serialize as before, but it will show all of the leading zeros.
  6. Hello everyone, I've created a runtime solution with FM Developer. Everything is fine except for one field, and this problem is consistent between platforms. The field is a calculated text field, which uses the ValueListItems function on a value list that is populated by a relationship. In FMP, the text field is properly displayed on the layout (as a merge field), but does not appear on the layout in the runtime solution. Any ideas would be tremendously appreciated. Thanks!
  7. What a much easier way to do that! Thanks, Bob & Neile. My "newbie" status is justified...
  8. One way to do it would be to first define a global number field called gCounter. Then, create a script with the following, and assuming your serial number field is called "Serial Number": Set Field ["gCounter", "1"] Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Loop Set Field ["Serial Number", "gCounter"] Set Field ["gCounter", "gCounter + 1"] Go to Record/Request/Page [Exit after last, Next] End Loop That should do it, but you'll want to change the Auto-enter number for "Serial Number" to 1 + the total number of records afterward.
  9. Girwin

    Simple(?) counting script

    It looks to me that your Go to Record/Request/Page step is in the wrong place. Because it's inside the If statement, it won't advance to the next record unless a match is found to that zip code. It should be after the End If step.
  10. Girwin

    Tricky Sorting

    Perhaps this might work-- Add a new calculation field called "Sort Date" which results in a date. The calculation would be: Case(Status = "A", date2, Status = "B", date3, Status = "C", date4, ... [and so on] Then, sort the records by: Title Status Sort Date
  11. I had a similar problem with a cross-platform project where a large list of industry-specific words needed to be imported into the user dictionary. In OS X (which I use for development), I was unable to import the list, as FM's import dialog seemed to not recognize any text files. Testing in Windows and OS 9 revealed that it was only a problem in OS X. I tried Bob's script, but found no success. The strange thing was that I could export a text file with words I had entered manually, and import that list back into the user dictionary BUT only if I made no changes. Simply just saving the exported list again with some other application (such as TextEdit) resulted in a file unreadable by FM. It turns out that FM (in OS X) can import text files to the user dictionary that are created and modified by FM only. Here's what I did for a workaround: 1. Created a new database in FM with one text field: "Word" 2. Imported my custom word list (text file) into the database. 3. Exported the words from this database into a tab-separated text file. 4. Imported this FM-created text file into the user dictionary. It worked perfectly, and now we're using FM to generate the list of words so that all our users can import it into their databases. Just thought I'd share that with you to save some of the frustration I experienced!
  12. Girwin

    Cumulative calculation

    Try creating a Summary field in DB2, defined as the total of your "NUMBER(dataDB1)" field in the same file. Make sure it's a running total. GI

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