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  1. Yes, the approval process would use emails. But each document could have a different approver.
  2. Hello: Does anyone have any samples or ideas of how to create a document management system in filemaker for iso controlled documents. Something which would intergrate with Outlook for an approval process is required. The users want a friendly interface to search the documents (which are in word/excel formats). I have a filemaker database made up which puts the files in containers and is nice to search in but the approval process isnt there. Any ideas? Thanks Mike
  3. Would I use copy and paste to go about doing this?
  4. I'm trying to create a report based on multiple finds. Some of the fields in the report layout are summary fields which I want to base the value on all of the records. When I do my find the values in the summary fields is now based on the records in the find. Is there a way to hold the value of the summary field or to make it always be based on all records so I can perform the finds I need to complete my report. AND if I need to do three finds can I hold the find value in a field so it is not changed when I do the next find for another field. Hope this makes sense. Thanks
  5. I created a script to delete record and removed delete records from the password access menu. But it will not execute the script which is suppose to delete the record. The only way I can get the script to work is to have access to delete records. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Hello: I got this script working. But there is a new issue. I can execute this script with my master password but the other users with limited access in the related database cannot use it. It will "bomb" on them giving them a "password wont allow access or cannot modify record" type of error and it locks them in (only way out is ctrl-alt-del). My question is can I add something to the script to give them my access level to complete the script then put them back to their level when it completes? Like change to my user name or group without them having the password and change back after the script runs...
  7. Hello: What is the best way to prevent a certain user name/group from using one of the buttons I created for admin use? Can I put a password on a button? The button performs a script. I want the general users to be able to use all the other buttons on the layout except one. Thanks Mike
  8. Does anyone know if it is possiable to make a logo transparent (no white background) with FM on a pc. I even tried creating a logo using illustrator on the mac and saving it as a eps but the pc wants to put a white background around it. I tried several file formats eps, gif, svg, tiff and jpg but no go. The logo image is transparent on the mac but not in windows. Anyone experienced this issue before?
  9. Hello: Anyone know where I can get cool buttons for FMP 6? I'm running it on a PC. I'm looking for buttons to match the ones in the filemaker sample databases like the new and find buttons with the graphics. Thanks Mike
  10. Got it to work! I didnt have the date field in my report layout when I tried to use insert calc results. Thanks for all your help guys! Mike
  11. I did not get the setfield method to work. Using Ken's script it only searched on one of the date ranges and Queue's additions gave me some sort of total of the dates and returned a "no records found error".
  12. I wanted to use the copy and paste. What I tried to do - the user enters the layout in the find mode, the user types in 1/1/03...10/1/03 into the field and then hits the button to generate the report that script is something like copy [select,field] perform find [] paste [select,field2] I'm using a PC (if that makes a difference). When I try to run this is acts like it cannot find any matching records. I can manually perform the task -- type in date range, then copy then perform find and finally paste in my other field. How could I do this correctly if it can be done? I tried to use a modify last find but then it omitted the found set but returned the date range! Thank You
  13. Hello: I have a button that brings the user into the correct layout and enters find mode. The user then types in a date range search 1/1/03...1/23/03 and hits a button to create the report. What I need is for this date range to be copied into a field so it appears on the print layout to show this search range. I tried to use set field then perform find but that didnt do it. How can I do this? Thanks

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