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    I am starting to see what you mean about the filemaker developer. It looks very complex however I am starting by customizing the filemaker solution framework I think to achieve everything I do want. Once I have that working perfectly to where I like it then I will get into the developer and try making my own for others to use. If you create a standalone in developer is it truely standalone as in it does not need filemaker to be on the users system? I will take a look at some of the books as well because I will need to learn some of the scripting to complete everything I want.
  2. seker

    New to all of this

    I am still looking around and it seems that possibly it's the filemaker developer that I want to be playing with to figure out how to script and transform everything i need into my own database. I know there is prefab stuff out there as well as things people before me have done. I am personally looking to increase my own knowledge on the subject and find the best programs to do this and create my own things.
  3. seker

    New to all of this

    hey guys thanks for the responses I have been looking into the studio boss and d/l the demo version as well. I just want to make sure I can custom it to fit with printing pages and invoices and estimates with the logos and such of my company and the same look as my company.
  4. Hi guys, just wanted to say hi to the forums and ask a few questions. I am new to filemaker but I have seen it used in some powerful organising tools. I am a photographer and I am looking to try and create a template for use at work. I was wondering if someone could tell me if what I am dreaming of here is at all possible before I venture too far in. I am looking to first of all create a whole database of my clients which I know I can do. But then I want to have a way to have a list of clients then can click and go into a single client and then from there be able to have a button or something that goes to generate quote or estimate. To which the hopes are that it will have a page come up with the name and such on there already and an area I can type the quote in. If it's possible to do this I would love to know. As well the ability to generate that estimate into a docket or end invoice in the end would be amazing. I would love to hear from someone on this. Thanks, Rick

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