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  1. That worked like a champ! Good custom function! Thanks very much...
  2. I have been working with the Get ( ApplicationVersion ) function, however my scripting skills to seem to be up to par with this task. I have not been able to figure out a way to get the app version, display a custom dialog warning users and then stop opening the file so it will not open in 7. But if they open it in 8 then there is no dialog, and everything is smooth. Any ideas?
  3. So, I have built a new solution in Filemaker 8, complete with tabs and tooltips. We are on a large network and have a mix aof fm-7 and fm-8 clients. I have been working on a script that runs at database startup to check the verison of filemaker so if I get a FM-7 client opeing up the FM-8 built solution they won't call tech support to complain about it not looking right. I have not had too much luck, and I was curious if anyone has any advice or pitfalls to this approach. Thanks, Jesse
  4. obelisk

    Date Formatting..

    I tried changing the format of the date, but that just changes how it looks, not how it is stored.... Since I am exporting a portion of the records it grabs all the stored data, not the formatted data.. I figured it out, I had to do this in my calculation for the upload field: Month (Date Served) & "/" & Day (Date Served) & "/" & Right ( Year (Date Served); 2 ) Thanks for the quick reply though, Jesse
  5. obelisk

    Date Formatting..

    So this might be a really basic thing, but my brain just won't move past it, and I could not find anyhting in the forums... I am doing a .csv export of a set of records for uploading to a state access db. Everything is fine, but on one of my fields the date is formatted as xx/xx/xxxx, when I upload it it shows as xx/xx/xx or worse xx/x/xxx. I have a calculated set of fields that I run my script through to get the .csv file, and I was curious if there is a way to write a calculation that will take out the first 2 digits of a year (ex: 1/1/04 instead of 1/1/2004) Any help would be appreciated, Thank You Jesse

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