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    Exporting FM Pro 3.0 files

    Hi Bob, Thanks for the info. I'll have to have a closer look at the program to see what it allows me to do. Regards, John
  2. JWW

    Exporting FM Pro 3.0 files

    Hi Anatoli, Thanks for the suggestion. I don't think export's an option. I'll have to check the program. It's a pretty ordinary program that's why my friend wants to change it. Regards, John
  3. JWW

    Exporting FM Pro 3.0 files

    Hi Bob, Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure what you mean by "access privileges". Won't there be just a single file that can be exported? Thanks. John
  4. Hi Everyone, Would someone please help me with the following information. I have no experience with FileMaker or any other database for that matter so forgive me if I don't explain this very well. I have a friend who has a program that uses FileMaker Pro 3.0 for it's database. Is it possible to export his customer records into another program? The program he's currently using is quite old and is not operating correctly and the person who wrote it can no longer be contacted. He obviously doesn't want to lose the details of 7000 odd customers. If it's possible, I'll get to how it can be done next. :-)) [color:"black"] Thanks for your help. Regards, John

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