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  1. Ran some additional tests that may help some people. It appears like the problem may be external references and permissions related. The file I am trying to build a webapp using the PHP assistant consists of about 12 files. Even though I used the Admin password to connect, I noticed some of the files that are related to this file did not have the PHP privilege set up. So I went through one by one and turned it on. That still didn't solve the problem. So I ran a little experiment, cloned the file and removed all External references under the FM menu Manage>External Data Sources. And I even removed them from the Relation graph. Bingo! Now I the layout menu popped up. So that confirmed it was some relationship that was not working. Next I went back to the file not working and checked every relationship in the Manage>External Data Sources. I found 4 old relationships that were left behind when we used FM Mobile. I deleted those. Also made sure all there were no other relationships with 3 or more old references such as hard drive/ etc. Once I did that the original file that would never worked finally showed the Layout menu in the PHP assistant. We have known since starting to work in PHP with FileMaker that permissions have to be set correctly in the databases. It's easy to think that if those other tables are not going to be viewed in PHP why do we need to enable them ? Well, it could be FileMaker wants to make sure nobody can view data via PHP that would override the FileMaker permissions such as data from a portal (form a related table with different permissions). Hopefully this might help some people that are stumped. If this works for you please take the time to add a comment to confirm this solved your issue too. Thank you. Javier Villalobos JVillalobos Consulting Javier@JVillalobos.com
  2. I posted a response on FileMaker Forums as I experienced the same issue. The solution is to replace any instance in the config file that has the IP address of your FileMaker Server with instead of "http://localhost". For some reason in Windows Server 2008 and other servers, PHP takes a longer time to resolve. Once you switch it to you will see dramatic improvement in performance. While FileMaker DID mention this in the deployment document it was easy overlooked because it appeared under IWP/CWP. I have submitted a bug report to FileMaker as it's possible they could fix this in the future. Because many of us code the PHP sites to "http://locahost" instead of "" for ease of moving the sites from our staging to deployment server I never bothered to think this was related. Give it a shot and it works for you please post a message here for others to see. Thanks. Javier Villalobos JVillalobos Consulting Javier@Jvillalobos.com
  3. Want to confirm the same bug. However, I am able to see the FM_server sample layouts. Very strange...
  4. Have seen this problem many times since I support multiple clients on different servers ( OS X 10.5, 10.6, Windows 2003, and Windows 2008). But no matter how many times I talk to FileMaker engineers they never seem to see this happen. They hear about it but apparently it doesn't happen to them which is a mystery to me. The issue is in the httpd.conf file that is used by Apache for configuration in Leopard and Snow Leopard. The file is hidden in the 'etc/apache2' directory. For some reason FileMaker Server 10 and 11 somehow fail often in writing correctly to it to the point that the file will never work. No matter what diagnostics you run, you may never see the problem. Fortunately Apple keeps a backup for us so we can easily replace with the original httpd.conf before any FileMaker server installs ever occurred. So here is a quick fix: 1. Under the finder select GO > Go to folder... 2. Type in /etc/apache2 3. Launch Terminal app that you find in your Applications folder under Utilities 4. Type Sudo -s * will ask for you password. Type it and it will return the prompt. 5. Next we are going to copy the backup version of httpd.conf but we must do it in Terminal to ensure the permissions are correct. Type or better yet copy and paste this to avoid any typos: cp /private/etc/apache2/httpd.conf~orig /private/etc/apache2/httpd.conf 6. Now let's restart Apache. Type in Terminal: sudo apachectl restart 7. If you have the FileMaker Server Admin Console open now trying deploying web publishing. It should work. If it doesn't, try one more thing. Go to your Systems Preferences>Network and turn 'off' Configure IPv6. You should find it after you click the Advanced button in Snow Leopard. 8. Here is also something to check. If you double click the file now and open it in TextEdit (read only of course) and scroll all the way down you should see the correct parameters that FileMaker Server 11 adds to Snow Leopard's httpd.conf file. #FMI_Configuration_V1 Include '/Library/FileMaker Server/Admin/admin-helper/WEB-INF/conf/fmi-test.conf' #FMI_Configuration_V1 Include '/Library/FileMaker Server/Admin/admin-helper/WEB-INF/conf/fm-server-status.conf' #FMI_Configuration_V1 Include '/Library/FileMaker Server/Admin/admin-helper/WEB-INF/conf/mod_jk.conf' #FMI_Configuration_V1 Include '/Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/php/snow leopard/httpd.conf.php' I hope FileMaker adds a Knowledge Base article at some point because I am pretty sure many people could save a few hours if not days trying to figure this out. Hope that helps! Javier Villalobos JVillalobos Consulting javier@jvillalobos.com
  5. javierinSFO

    Sending email advice

    Jon, I would suggest you do it in PHP and utilize a PHP Mailer Class to allow you to have the email be easier to format, merge with your FileMaker fields, sent by an Email account that might require authentication, etc. I am not sure why you are getting caught up with the security here unless you want the PHP form to be in an encrypted part of your site like SSL. That is a whole different discussion as it requires you purchase and install an SSL certificate from GeoTrust of Verisign on your webserver. What that buys you in users like to type any private data in web pages that read Https. If that https folder exist, then you are just dropping your form in that directory so that the data is encrypted much like all the banks and online stores do it. There are several PHP mailer classes out there but I use PHP Mailer by Brent R. Matzelle. It's easy and even supports connecting to your email server via SSL I believe. Or check out htmlMimeMail5 package (http://www.phpguru.org/ You then would indeed do a find command in FileMaker PHP and either construct an email with all his/her lockers and combinations or generate a separate email for each locker. Either way, it will depend on your PHP skills but definitely not too difficult. Regards, Javier
  6. javierinSFO

    PHP Site Assitant

    The Site Assistant is launched also from the Server 9 advanced web login page. So you should install the trial version of Server 9. Once installed, you go the the http://ip number of your server:16000. The login page will have a link to the Site Assistant. The site assistant is a java applet that will download to your computer then launch.
  7. javierinSFO

    Executing scripts

    Two things: 1. Be sure you have downloaded and updated your FileMaker API because the Public Beta does NOT include the version that runs scripts. Only Update 2 or 3 contained fixes for triggering scripts. 2. Your script looks correct but I think you must at least set one field to change in the EditCommand otherwise it might return that you didn't have any changes to make. That is you are using the EditCommand, adding the script but you are not changing any data. If you look at my example I basically have a field on my layout that I update but it's not critical to the solution. It also lets me see that the script worked because it updates a field in FileMaker. I tried to email you but you don't have any email address on your record here. If you want ot email me directly my address is Javier@JVillalobos.com.
  8. javierinSFO

    Web Form Field Validation

    Hi Steven: I do all my form validation in javascript rather than in PHP. It's much easier than in PHP as Dreamweaver 8 lets you simply select the fields and add form validation. To see one of my pages in action using Filemaker PHP and javascript validation take a look at this page: http://cprcpr.com/scheduleforclass.php?classname=CPR%20for%20Community Pick any day and try to register for a class. Omit any of the fields in asterisks and you will see javascript validation in action. I know there are cases where PHP validation is needed but for most of my clients we only need to ensure that a field contains a number, a field contains a valid email address, a field contains a number not text, etc and Javascript validation does that quite well. Hope that is helpful. Javier javier@Jvillalobos.com
  9. javierinSFO

    Executing scripts

    Hey Jonas: I feel your pain as I was in the FileMaker PHP beta and it took until mid August to get the Public Beta to work with script. Basically, to get any script to work you have to do it like using the setScript command. You can even pass script parameters with the newest version, I have used them and tested them. This particular example I use to snooze a record for a CRM solution. Basically you click a link and it goes to this php page where it passes the Recid via form. Then all this page does is gets the FileMaker Record for editing, sets the scripts and passes a parameter to the FileMaker Script and Executes. Give it a try. If it's not working be sure to go to the Public API web site to download the latest updates. Hope this helps. $editCommand = $fm->newEditCommand('PHP', $recid); $editCommand->setScript('Snooze', $recid ); $editCommand->setField('Snoozefield', $nooze); $result = $editCommand->execute(); ExitOnError($result); Regards, Javier JVillalobos Consulting, San Francisco
  10. javierinSFO

    IWP messes radio button format

    Hello everyone: I figured out how to fix radio buttons and checkboxes in Filemaker 7 via Instant Web Publishing It took a lot of testing and trials but here is the fix. Check out my tutorial: http://jvillalobos.com:16080/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=IWPFixDemo&-loadframes
  11. javierinSFO

    IWP 7 and displaying check boxes

    Everybody - I have gotten quite a few emails from people desparate for a solution to this problem. So I created a quick tutorial on how to get checkboxes and radio buttons to display correctly everytime Mac and PC using valuelists. The solution is so simple... you are going to be amazed. Here is the URL: http://jvillalobos.com:16080/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=IWPFixDemo&-loadframes
  12. javierinSFO

    IWP 7 and displaying check boxes

    Actually, after many weeks of playing around I figured out a way to display Checkboxes and Radio buttons perfectly in IWP. I do online surveys and you can only imagine with all the checkboxes, radio buttons I was ready to begin coding in Custom Publishing. So one late night I tried probably about 100 different things from encoding HTML in the page to javascript. The solution was so simple and yet it took weeks to figure out! You will be amazed how simple it is to get to work. Anybody can do it and you just follow one guideline and bam they work perfectly. Email me and I will send instructions. Javier JVillalobos Consulting Javier@Jvillalobos.com

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