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  1. Hey! I want to make a csv export, and then import it in oracle. My problem is that scandinavian becomes wrong. How can I take control? (I assume the file is in MacRoman an we need ISO8859-1?) Gisle
  2. Hey! I have a database with seven fields with one possible fixed value in a Valuelist. the reason for this is that it works well on a layout in web companion with checkboxes, and alows checking, unchecking etc on the web. The record look like this: ID value A value B value C etc 1 A C 2 B 3 B C My problem is I now have the need to use these values in portals and for export so i need to make a new file with record that look like this: ID value 1 A 1 C 2 B 3 B 3 C I dont want blank entries. As you can se i can now view these in a portal based on a relationship. In a spreadsheet this conversion process would be called pivoting i think? Can i make a script to traverse the whole file writing new values to another file based on if statements? I have tried but cant figure it out. Should the script stay in the new or old file? Do I need a relation between the files? Please help!
  3. I solved it by using radiobuttons, they work as expected. Infact it was very easy. I just convertted all checkboxes to radio(and kept the valuelist generated values and labels), and addes one line per button; input type radio with a static emty value, labeled "delete". It looks allright and works! I have tried to look at the examples for checkboxbut they look too complicated. I use many checkboxes, and adding if-statements etc for all instances makes it a mess. It looks to much like a tweak, why cant it just work! The solution in the Filemaker technote ads a return when the form is updated, thus hiding the value (because it only shows the first value), checkboxes is multiple choice, so this is natural behavior. In the layouts in the Filemaker app there is a choice for "select entire field on entry" in "field format" i guess the purpose of this is to force a checkbox to replace the contents of the entire field (instead of adding a value), if there is some hidden parameter to set to make this happen also in cdml the problem would probably be solved. Gisle
  4. Hey! Im working with a database with lots of checckboxes. I want to be able to uncheck them on web with CDML. The FMP Inc. has a TIL article called: CDML: How to Edit a Checkbox Field to
  5. Gisle

    FMU Unexpectedly Quitting

    Hi there! Glad to find this thread, im having problems serving a web database reliably with OSX 10.2.6 and FM-U 6.0v4 I bought a g4 dual 1.42 mhz with a gig of memory to sereve our solution and it has been a great disappointment. I get "unexpected quit" almost every third day. The is performance is also slow. Here are some of my observations for how and when it happens: 1) I suspected the cause to be the use of Scandinavian charaters in user names when logging inn. It happens almost instant when these characters are presented as a user name. 2) Another possible cause could be attack of the nimbda worms on the server, i sometimes see these random URL requests on the access logs prior to a unexpected quit. 3) Today i worked on a copy of the database at home, on a G4, it quitted on me, when checking the base at work it had also quit almost simultaneously at a time around 13.00. My unexpected quits are usually at this time of the day. This suggests there is something connected to time issues/time localization that generates this? I'm very glad for any help. Maybe someone should make a poll if everyone experience this kind of quits? Also: Will it make a difference to run Filemaker in classic (i cant bot into os9 with this G4) Thanks! Gisle

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