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    Populating Portal Causes Long 'Sorting Records...'

    Dana, Thanks for your reply. I think I found my problem. The graphics for the checkboxes are stored as a global field in my Company DB. In the LicenseKey DB, I was displaying the checkboxes through a constant relationship to the Company DB, forcing it to parse every Company before the global checkboxes are displayed. Because its a global field, I simply changed my checkbox calculation to get the checkboxes by the CompanyID relationship so it doesn't go through every company. This seems to have resolved it. Thanks again for your reply, you gave my brain a kickstart...
  2. I'm having an issue with my DB since importing 3000+ records from our previous DB. When working with about 300 records previously, this didn't happen and I think the larger number of records now has amplified a previous issue. I am using a portal to show all license keys issued to customers. A couple of the portal fields are calculation fields that show graphical checkboxes instead of the boring FM default checkbox. When I click to the layout that holds this portal, FM pauses for a while and the 'Sorting Records...' dialog appears. It takes about 5 seconds to populate each line in the portal. The files are linked by the CompanyID, so I don't think its the relationship causing the problem. I remember someone mentioning something about calculations causing speed issues in relationships, can someone refresh my memory? How can I prevent the 'Sorting Records...' dialog from appearing and slowing down the DB? Thank you in advance and please let me know if additional details are needed.
  3. RickGrundy

    Letter Layout - Need to allow edit by limited user

    Thanks. Your scripting suggesstion should fit my needs exactly. In most cases, users will only need to use a few merge fields in the letters such as <<CompanyName>>, <<Contact>>, <<Address>>, etc. A script that handles these tags should be very straightforward. For future reference, can you point me in the direction of information regarding parsing and the GetField() function? I can see this being useful as users' needs grow. Thanks again.
  4. RickGrundy

    Letter Layout - Need to allow edit by limited user

    Thanks everyone for your suggesstions. I had thought of using fields to contain default bodies and it was good to hear others agree with that idea. My main concern is not allowing users to edit layouts no matter what. Instead, I think a layout similar to what we use here to post comments might be good. Direct the users to a layout in browse mode that has the different sections of the letter represented as fields that perform a lookup on a global default. They can then edit the different sections then preview it before printing. This allows users to edit the letter however they want, and they can revert to the default if they make a mistake. There is also no chance of a single user messing up a layout for everyone else by moving text or deleting a section, etc. One major sticking point for me is the use of merge fields inside of another field. Say a user wants to substitute the company name in a letter. Typing <<CompanyName>> in a normal field won't work right? How can I allow users to use merge fields when they edit the letter? Thanks again for your ideas.
  5. I have a number of layouts that represent letters we send to customers. These include thank you letters, cover letters, etc. These letters are preformatted and include merge fields for the customer contact information. The default behavior is to have a button that opens the letter layout in preview mode, then takes the user to the print dialog to print it. They have no control over the contents of the letter. However, sometimes the body of the letters need to be modified before sending. This might include a sales person adding a personal touch to the letter, etc. The problem is that normal users permissions don't allow them to edit layouts. So, this prevents them from modifying the contents of the letter. How can I allow users to modify the letter, but not be allowed to modify other layouts. Can permissions be set to allow editing of one layout but not others? How else could I allow these letters to be modified? One idea was to make the body of the message a DB field that could do a lookup of another field that was the default body text. Then users could modify the body without affecting the default body text. Does anyone have any suggestions? Have you encountered a similar situation in your solutions? Thank you in advance for your advice.
  6. RickGrundy

    Identify Invoices Paid

    Linda, I have a similar setup here. I made a 'Payments' DB and linked it to the Invoices by 'InvoiceID'. Then, create a calc field in the Invoices DB that generates a sum of all related payments for that invoice. If the CalcPayments field >= InvoiceTotal, set the 'Type=PA'. Hope this gives you an idea. It works great here and allows for multiple payments for a single invoice. Good luck!
  7. I have a notes field that contains information about our customers that is useful in sales. Our sales people like to apply formatting to the text in this field so important information can be bolded, or red, etc. The problem is, I have a script that is used when a new note is added. So, a user clicks the 'New Note' button, and the script automatically inserts the date and username like in the following example: Set Field["Notes", "DateToText(Status(CurrentDate)) & " (" & Status(CurrentUserName) & "): " & "nn" & Notes"] NOTE: The 'nn' above is really the FM paragraph symbol... This puts the new notes entry at the top of the notes field, so the newest entries are at the top. However, when this script is run, any existing formatting is lost. I think it is because it is essentially copying and pasting the existing text, and FM doesn't carry over the existing formatting. Has anyone run into a similar situation? Is there any way around this? I want to keep the formatting, but still want to automatically enter the date and username before each entry and keep newest entries at the top. Our old ACT DB could do this... can FM? Thanks for your help.
  8. RickGrundy

    Sending an IM from Filemaker

    TaiChi56, Why not just have FM send an email to the administrators when a new referral is entered? I would assume that the administrators would have an email client open and automatically checking mail on a regular basis (every 5-10 minutes). Using this method, a hard-copy of the referral notice will be recorded in the teacher's outbox and in the administrator's inbox so the 'I didn't see the message' excuse can be avoided. Also, in the email, you could include a summary of the referral in the body so the administrators don't have to go into FM if all they need is the student's name, ID#, etc.
  9. RickGrundy

    Suppress 'Modify Find' when Find has 0 results

    Wow! That was an easy fix. Thanks -Queue-.
  10. I am scripting a Find process to find all customers whose maintenance expires next week, next month, etc. This part is easy and I have scripts that perform these queries and work. However, when there are no results for the Find, FM displays the 'Modify Find' message box and the user has to either click 'Modify Find' (Bad for me) or 'Continue'. How can I suppress this message so it doesn't display? For example, if it does not find any customers who expire this week, I want it to popup a message saying 'No Customers Expire...etc' and return the user to the previous screen. All of this is working now except for that FM prompt that appears. Is there a way to suppress it? Thanks in advance.
  11. Lee, Thanks for posting the link. That is the same article I had found. The cost and the fact that it is Windows only make it unusable for my situation. The more I look into this issue, the more I am surprised that it is not already included in FileMaker...
  12. Thanks Bob. I'll be interested to see your example. I looked at the RUNSCRIPT page as well and found I can't use it because it is Windows only. We have a mixed environment here so I can't have it work on one user's system but not the other. As far as maintaining the script, I am pretty anal about commenting in scripts so with a good example (thanks Bob), I can probably make it so it won't be the headache I thought. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions so far! A link to the RUNSCRIPT method/plugin would be much appreciated. Thanks to Bob Kundinger for the first suggestion. Though it is a valid solution, I am concerned about having a maintenance nightmare on my hands if someone else ever needs to figure out what I was doing... Please let me know if it is really easier than it looks initially, Bob. I do agree with Bob that one of the best additions to the next version of FM would be methods such as onMouseOver() and onChange(), etc. This would add huge functionality and can't be too hard to implement.
  14. First, I apologize if this has been asked recently, I seached the forum to no avail... Is there a way to trigger a script to run when a field changes? I would like to be able to trigger a script to run immediately after a user makes a choice from a pop-up menu, without requiring them to click a button. Is this possible? Thanks.
  15. RickGrundy

    Showing Data From A Relationship's Related DB

    OK, I set up the fields and relationships following the Matrix Data Modelling method (thanks Fitch). I currently have a Portal on my Company DB that can list Products that have been listed on an invoice for the company. However, it only lists products that appear on the first invoice for that company. I need to somehow get it to show all products from all invoices in a company. Is it possible to put a portal inside another portal? Or am I just crazy? Is there any way to display all products that have been listed on any invoice for a company? Thanks again for your help.

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