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  1. MartinF

    plug in developers

    Bruce yes, 24 U software develop a excelent Template, http://www.24usoftware.com/FMTemplate I 'm using this template, but I want to make a complex plug-in , I don't know where can I found information about to send field value to plug-in variable and other things thanks M!
  2. try with http://www.fusiondzign.com/downloads/Automate%20email.sit http://www.fusiondzign.com/downloads/downloads.htm they use AppleScript to generate, rename and send email with pdf file. M!
  3. MartinF

    plug in developers

    Hi Lee, thank you. I reviewed this forum but is inactive since 2001 I'll be waiting for other resources. M!
  4. I'm learning to develop plugIns but I'vent found basic information on FM7 dev CD, Where can i find any information about this ? or a forum focus on plugin development ? Thanks!
  5. the files are on /myFolderFilesToImport/ the files are from other Filemaker Databases on other computers, the format is filemaker too, or XML if we want, with the same struture of the consolidation database. M!
  6. hi there I want to import records from several files automaticaly,the number of files is varible. anybody knows how can I achieve this? thanks M!
  7. I found this link. http://www.prometheus-systems.com/woof1.html M!
  8. Hi everyone Can you help me ?, I want to export record by record to files with names assigned from a field I apreciate your feedback Thanks M!

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